Monday, July 11, 2011

The beginning of a new era.

          When blogging was huge on several other sites (such as live journal), I didn't get into it. I despised it really -  I thought it was just a way for underage people to get on their soapbox and rant about something they had no previous knowledge on, pretending to be an expert on things that they truly don't understand.
          I never saw it as a "journal", because they were (for the most part) open to the public and I always believed (and still believe) a physical journal is more personal and more private. I am happy to say I *was* a part of the last generation before computers became huge, and I *have* written 5-page papers with blue or black pen in cursive because that was considered the final draft. That feel of the hand in so much pain because a mistake meant starting over. Those were personal. They were masterpieces.
          But that's not what I want to blog about.
          I never saw blogging to be anything more than random typings of someone who I didn't care about talking about nothing or everything about their life and I didn't want any part of it. It has only been recently that my opinion has changed.
          I started reading two of my friends' blogs. They were both different in what they wrote about, why they write, and their styles of writing. One is an old friend, whereas the other I'm just starting to get to know. The first writes just about every night, talking about his entire day, breaking it down to his significant conversations, thoughts, and feelings on his day. It brings a real personal touch to his life far better than any facebook post could. And he does it in a way where it keeps you hooked. The other, however, writes about boys. Boys she has had a crush on in the past. I know it sounds crazy, but she ties in important aspects of her life throughout these stories, revealing heart wrenching twists in her life growing up, but always focusing on the boy, always attributing that part of her life to that boy. It is so interesting to learn certain things and to have her NEVER go back on that part of her life, because that is not what she's talking about. She's talking about THAT boy. I enjoy both blogs immensely.
           So, here I am, starting a blog. And though the former seems to be far more therapeutic and fresh, I think I will enjoy talking about who and what made me me. Gives an extra option to get to know me better. To all the readers who have decided to start reading, I hope you enjoy it.

Demand much from yourself, little from others, and you will prevent much discontent - Confucius

~Just a thought

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