Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I thought about making separate posts for the siblings that have effected me in extraordinary ways. However, the ones I'm closest to have effected me in similar fashions, and I don't want to be repeating myself. There is one sibling who stands out in my mind.

Dylan Hoffman is one of nine brothers (11 siblings) and he has probably effected me most. He still has, what I call, fallen morals. Morals that every male (and every human being) should instill into their lives. He's a gentleman to every lady who encounters him. Old school gentleman too. He shows me what I used to be and why I should still be that way. I've seen Dylan unhappy before, but he doesn't bitch or complain ever. He's very logical. I remember one time, I go over to my moms after he had some VERY major surgery on his mouth, (As to why, that's a story you'll have to ask him.) Anyway, I go over to see him cause I know he's miserable. I ask him if he needs anything, and of course he says no. I let him know that if he needs to vent or bitch or complain, that I'm here for him. He just simply shakes his head and replies, "Complaining doesn't do anything for anyone. There is no progress in complaining." ..... Even though I think complaining makes ME feel better, he's got a valid point. Now, he doesn't mean valid issues, but just plain complaining to complain. He just refused to do it. The final thing Dylan taught me (which surprises me even now) is that there are different forms of happiness. Looking back it seems stupid. But I always thought that what makes *me* happy, is what others desire to make them happy too. Being in shape, being good at something, and being included are the BIG three for me. So, naturally, I always tried to include him in what I was doing, always tried to get him to come out and work out with me and Tylor, walk with us, do SOMETHING. I never believed him when he told me he's happy where he's at physically (which is thin) and he doesn't mind NOT being included in every little thing, he enjoys self-projects. I basically refused to believe that until recently. So thank you Dylan. It made me think as to what really made me happy, and I think I figured it out.

Now, one fear I have for posting this is sibling rage (who's effected me in what way, why aren't they posted about, etc.), but I chose to post it because this is about me, not them. On the same token, I don't think Dylan and I are as close as I'd like to be, nor am I his favorite sibling, and probably not his favorite bother (he has choices after all).

Tiffany and I can talk about anything without getting uncomfortable. I remember the time where we crossed that line about talking about sex, we were at Dos Gringos. It was crossed, we thought we might get uncomfortable, (after all I do not want to hear about the man climbing onto my sister NO THANK YOU), but we weren't. We keep it vague, but funny stories that we don't feel comfortable about telling other people we can talk about there. We also share relationship struggles and have become happy with just being single for the time being. We were each others best friend and always can still call each other for anything.

Jeremy keeps the child living inside of me. The moment I think I'm done with gaming, done with computers, or done with anything child-like, he ropes me back in. Even going as far as buying me a game I chose not to buy just so I have the option to play with him. Just the other day Jeremy texted Tiffany, Dylan and I saying that he was heading over to our mom's with his kids. So all three of us went there. He said that mom's house is the hub of our visits, but in reality he is. Jeremy has that personality that you are just drawn to.

This does end the family portion (for now) of who has effected my life. Next comes friends and ex's. cause let's face it, you wouldn't be who you are without'em.

I think I'm going to start posting the musings of my week on weekends. A mesh of the two blogs I talked about in my early posts. Keeps it lively.

It is not good enough to be good if you have the ability to be better
. - Albert Lee Cox
~Just a thought.

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  1. Complaining is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but you're not actually getting anywhere ;)