Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware.

This week… This week… This week was probably the best week of my life, followed by one of the roughest weekends. I don’t remember doing much Monday, I’m trying to recall, but nothing significant is coming up. If I am wrong, again, please correct me!

Tuesday was my birthday. Since Daniel had a big thing on Saturday, my plan was just to take my dogs to the park and then go on a date with Kelli. Just something laid back and mellow as my Facebook and text messages filled up with happy birthday wishes. Well, talking to Kelli some she said she didn’t see why I still didn’t try to do something and she said that she wanted to meet my friends and family. I texted about 17 people to try and make dinner. I wasn’t expecting much since it was within a one hour period. Nearly everyone showed! I was moved and impressed. I told Kelli that we would have company for our dinner and she was happy to hear it. Old Chicago with friends and family was a great time. I ordered three pizzas and everyone chowed to their hearts content.

Afterward I took Kelli to my dad’s house to hang out with my brothers some more, in which she discovered they played Magic: The Gathering.  That won them over quickly. Since we didn’t have a lot of time to teach her, I decided to play a game against my brothers to show her the game. She got into it and I was still able to show her the basics of the game with my hand. After the game she made me promise to teach her.
That night I went to drop her off and we talked for a long time again about whether or not we should be in a relationship. There are many things working against us as it is, but at the same time we could just tell that we didn’t really want to see it just drop off. I half-jokingly said that she was going to find Mr. Prince Charming in Tucson and forget about me anyway. She assured me that she had never found someone like me before and didn’t think anyone could compare. (Aw! I know right?! :D ) I walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight.

And then drove to work.

Work was not busy, the calm normal stuff. But time, for me, seemed to just slow down. It started getting cold and my throat started to hurt. By the end of the shift I was shivering, sweating, barely swallowing and E-mailing my boss saying I probably wasn’t going to make it into work the following evening cause I was messed up.  I took a hot shower so my body felt better with a fever, took some basic meds and tried to sleep. I woke up three hours later in a sweat and my throat worse. I shrug out of bed and trot off to the nearest Urgent Care. When I get into see the doctor he looks down my throat and says, “On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the worst, I’d say that’s about an 8, how long have you had this again?” I told him less than 12 hours, his face showed surprise.. “Meds then.” And I got meds, a doctor’s note for work, and I texted Kelli who was worried aboot me and when I got home, I took the meds and fell asleep. I woke up still in a sweat, but feeling better.  I had a couple text messages from my mom and Kelli, who were both worried.
Kelli asked if I’d like her to come over and take care of me. I replied that she probably shouldn’t since I hadn’t been on antibiotics for 24 hours, but I know it would not have stopped me from bringing her soup if she was feeling sick. So she came over with some freshly baked cookies for me! I was thrilled. I told her that I was hungry and that I want Olive Garden, she didn’t have much of an appetite but would love to come along. So she drove us to Olive Garden, we ordered and munched a little, turns out neither of us were really hungry. Kelli then surprised me once again.

Kelli said that she knew it’d be difficult when she moved down there to see each other and be in a relationship. However, she saw in no way, shape, or form could she find someone like me and to not give it a shot would be ridiculous. She said that if I wanted to give it a shot, she would be taken when she got down to Tucson. I wanted to leap over the table to kiss her then, but refrained and said that I would like that, but I will think about it some.  We drove to my house to conclude the evening, we got out of the truck and I hugged her and said I would really like her to be taken by me. She smiled and agreed. We walked into my house, she was reintroduced to my dogs, met my roommates and their kids. Then we proceeded to head upstairs and we napped and talked and just enjoyed ourselves. Linux and Joey made appearances regularly jumping on the bed and playing around some.

Though the night was amazing, I wasn’t feeling well enough to work, so I had called out.
Thursday rolls around and I text Jake telling him I won’t be able to make it to jog as I have strep, then text Aaron and tell him I can’t make it to the gym for the same reason.  I sleep most of the day away, waking up to take meds, playing some video games, seriously trying to relax as my throat is being bitchy.
Kelli came over later that evening, she had some theater stuff to handle. We didn’t go eat anywhere but spent the night with my pups napping and talking and just enjoying each other’s company. She tells me that I’m invited out with her and her parents to a country grill tomorrow (Friday) I happily accept. She left a little earlier than I would have liked, but it was all well.  I get a phone call a little later from her, she said that a couple of guys were giving her the lookie-loo at the 7-11 near my house. Now, being checked out is one thing. But she ended up telling me they made crude comments and one guy actually got in her way from leaving. I was furious and seriously considered going over there to teach them some basic manners and simple physics.. IE, this tire iron going at an excessive rate will break the face… I kept my cool though while she was on the phone as to not freak her out. She seemed to calm down ok and we hung up.

Friday flew by and spent most of it at my dad’s. I received a text from Kelli saying to be at her place by 7. I got to talk to my dad quite a bit which was nice, watched tv till 6:30 drew closer. As I got up and told them I had to leave, my dad stopped me and goes, “Going out with her parents? And you are wearing that?” I looked down at my gray T-shirt and darker gray jeans with my hat. I nod and he shakes his head and tells me to follow him. I ended up borrowing a short-sleeved collared shirt and then used some of my brother’s mouse and did my hair up. I looked awesome. I started the drive.

Kelli’s parents are a lot of fun btw. We get there, order some food and I order a beer. We listen to country music and watch people two-step. All of us agreed that we want to learn how. I go and use the restroom. A fast song comes on and it occurs to me that I should ask Kelli to dance. I button my shirt up real quick and tuck it in and as I go out there I pull Kelli to the dance floor. Neither of us knew what we were doing but it was a ton of fun anyway. We go to sit down as her parents applaud. I tell Kelli that we’re doing it again, but she shakes her head and goes, “I don’t think so, I’m quite comfortable here.” I laugh and we continue to watch. It wasn’t until the song “Honey Bee” comes on did we dance again. And much to my surprise Kelli was the one to drag ME onto the dance floor. We sang and tried to copy some of the other dancing steps, then we just did our own thing and I spun her a couple of times. Tons of fun.

We get back to her place and her mom invites me to stay the night on the couch since Kelli is leaving in the morning. Kelli and I go to her room and we continue to talk and kiss. Mostly talk though, since it did kind of hit us again that she’ll be in Tucson in less than 24 hours. We talk about how we feel about each other, big concerns, little ones, her doubts, my doubts, that sorta thing. At the end we grew merry again because she really does like me and I really like her and we want to be together.  I ended up not staying the night, because Kelli knew she had a ton of stuff to do in the morning and needed rest, whereas I stay up throughout the night.
That night I went and got her flowers and a small gift for her to open on the road, I dressed them up as best as I could and when 5:30 struck I drove back to her house, despite what Kelli had to say.

As I got there the garage was open as was the back of their truck, preparing for the Tucson move. I parked across the street and got out, her dad coming out of the garage door. I got nervous, because it was just me and him now, and I’m sure he noticed I wasn’t there that morning. But he saw me and the flowers. He told me, “Go knock on the front, they are expecting me there, Kelli should be right by the door." My nerves were extinguished. I went and knocked, their dogs barked like crazy. Kelli opened the door and her smile was one of the ages. She hugged me, asked me what I was doing there, accepted the flowers, hugged me again, showed her mom, hugged me again. Lots of hugging :p. I helped them load up the truck, set and load the trailer and just spent time with them. I gave Kelli one final hug and kiss goodbye, and she was off to Tucson! I shook her dad’s hand and got in my car, I drove home and slept quite the sleep.
That was my week, how was yours?

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

~Just a thought.

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