Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's not my river I adore, but others. Let them flourish.

Mk, Back in my earlier posts, I had mentioned that Dylan loves to read and I love write. Well, I forgot to mention Dylan loves to write too. He's good at it, his style is very different than mine, but his comes out with so much mystery that its difficult to stop reading. I asked him, more than once, if I can post this. He's finally allowed me to share to all my wonderful readers.
This is something Dylan wrote, and he's said it will never be any longer or expound in any way. It's for the reader to fill in all the blanks. Enjoy as I did.


            Do you remember the old stories? Who would have thought, those years back, that you'd be the hero in one? I didn't, certainly, and I was your best friend. If I couldn't see it, I don't think anyone could. Do you remember those notices that were sent out as you began? How foolish it must have seemed, challenging the rulers of darkness at eighteen. I can remember word for word what they said.

Eighteen years ago, a boy was born who would one day take up a blade forged of bone and steel, coated in brass and etched with gold, a blade that will shine in the dying light of the world, a symbol of hope for mankind. Do not fear, for the savior of the world has come to free us.

            I knew it would be dangerous. I warned you. I had read the old stories, I knew them by heart. I tried to tell you. Becoming the bearer of such a weapon takes trials and tribulations, a gauntlet of danger, a bevy of horrors, lost loves and loves fulfilled. You knew about Gwydion, your alleged ancestor. But you told me it didn't matter how difficult, how terrible, you were going to make the attempt if it killed you. How could you forbid me from coming along, those years ago? We had stood against everything together up to that point, but apparently being chosen the hero of mankind changes a person.
            It took a lot of work to track you down, Andrew. I was caught out there when you killed this place's dark masters. I'm still unsure as to why you changed your name. At the very least, you could have chosen one of the old kings to name yourself after. But Mortalis, well, nobody knows the meaning of that. I finally looked it up one day, through all the texts I've kept. And I doubt you're really all that human anymore, as your name suggests. Obviously you still bleed red, but anyone human would have faltered before now, or died. Force of will, is that what you're trying to say? I can see what you mean. I got here, I made more of myself than I was. No, that's not right, actually. I'm exactly who I was, who I have always been. The only difference now is that I have grown older, and that you now listen to me. I'm sure the restraints have something to do with that though.
            I'm sorry about the pain. And having taken your delightful sword. But you, you left me behind in that boring town we grew up in. Those numberless afternoons of wanting to be heroes together, and you left me behind when opportunity came calling. Look at you now, shining armor rent and torn, helm broken and battered, your sword dulled. Even that light in your eyes has faded. Yes, you've done as you promised the world, the tyrants have been deposed. Nothing is in place to stop a similar individual from taking their place, any of them. Ah, you never realized that? The unfortunate masses you were fighting for are not going to stop it. No, no, struggling won't help. Those bonds are quite secure. And it hurts me to see you drawing that much fresh blood.
            As I said those years ago, you're not going to live through this. And without you, nothing stands in the way of an exact copy of this thing you have destroyed from being born again. When people play 'pick a hero', it really means they aren't willing to fight. Nobody joined you on your journey, nobody even wanted to besides me. And with what I've done here, what I am doing to you now, it's quite unlikely I'll resist a hostile takeover. I might actually guide the next supreme emperor, or whoever it was you defeated. What? What are you trying to say? Hah!
            You can hardly call me evil, when you don't know what it really means. I assure you, I'm good, as are you. What I have done here is good. Quite good in fact. You see, good is polar to bad, negligent, or simply 'doing it wrong'. I have done right, you are here, I am here in a position of power, all quite well and good. According to plan, some might say. And well, counter to unwell, referring to a state of rightness, of order. Death is orderly, as is captivity. But chaos is not evil. The phrase 'Good and Evil' is nonsense, they are unrelated. Good and bad, right and wrong, chaos and order, black, white, dark, light, well, unwell, pure, impure, and evil.
            So you see, evil has no polar opposite. I believe this is because the opposite simply does not exist. Hero and villain are a matched pair, one merely the lesser of two evils. And I, indeed, your lesser for so long, barely now having me potential recognized as yours was. I knew, I too could be great. I could rise.
            As has been said by so many before, in the old stories, we're not so different, you and I. I could have been the hero if not for some twist of fate. Your ancestors or mine, who really knows the lineage of storybook heroes? And here we stand, together, at the end of the road. Bound here not by some fate, or shared past, but by my will alone. Not so different, but I, the 'normal' one, have bested the 'destined' hero. The 'savior of the world'. Quiet now. Your time is up. Your struggles are over. Let me end your suffering, with your own blade.

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“You should know
How great things were before you
Even so
They're better still today
I can't think of who I was before
You ruined everything
In the nicest way”

- You Ruined Everything, by Jonathan Coulton
~Just a thought

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