Monday, August 15, 2011

Lay in the morning dew and let your sorrows drift away.

Wow, to say life has been going great would still be a slight understatement. This week was another beautiful one people. Monday I didn't do much that I can recall, please correct me if I'm wrong. Tuesday was another workout that went well, talked quite a bit with Jake and we talked about Thursday (our running day in which I've canceled on every time so far), and about a few other insignificant things. I like hanging out with Jake, because he always has stories of his police work, and even though I feel we are getting closer as friends, we don't really talk about anything serious, unless its about working out. I know its sounds bad, but its fun to have a friend to BS a day away without worrying about anything.

Wednesday.. Wednesday, Wednesday was an amazing day. It didn't start out too swell. I had to go to the dentist. I'm like everyone else in the world, I hate the dentist. BUT, I hate them because they like to remind me how bad my teeth are. They were examined, and I need a root canal and one pulled, neither of which this dentist does. She's still a sweet heart and I plan getting my cavities removed/fixed with her. She is able to schedule me a same-day appointment with a root canal specialist.

So I get to the root canal guy, he X-Rays my teeth and agrees that they are pretty bad. He looks at the one he needs to drill, and then looks at the one I'm supposed to get pulled, He X-rays it for free, and then says that he *may* be able to fix that tooth as well, IF there is enough tooth left after getting rid of the decay. Well, we do the one, cost me $377 ($90 more for SAME-DAY visits.. Bogus) but my tooth is no longer hurting me. VERY happy.

After the dentist I go on a non-date with this beautiful girl/lady/woman (I feel comfortable saying girl more so than woman, is that ok?). I say non-date because she is moving and doesn't want to feel horrible if things don't work out after she has moved. Anyway, we have a great time at Uncle Sam's (YUM!) and her friend stops by and we talk briefly. I walk them both out when it nears 10pm and hug them goodbye. It was amusing cause my non-date came in for a second hug because our first one was pretty half assed and we both wanted a better hug than previously. Went to work after.

Thursday was very eventful. I did make it to running with Jake. We jogged for a little over a mile. He wasn't stressin too much but I sure was. But he's a good guy and kept pace with me and pushed me farther than I would have myself. Went to Native New Yorker that night with several friends to catch up and eat. We hadn't done it as a large group since Will's passing, and Donna (as well as the rest of us) felt that a tragedy shouldn't be the thing that brings us together. So, all of us show up, minus a very whew who live elsewhere *cough* Kevin *cough*. We eat and be merry. There were a few embarrassing things recorded, a few more embarrassing things that weren't, the waitress always had perfect timing and seemed to enjoy hanging out with us despite me being slightly obnoxious. Don't worry people I tipped her well. I had to jet a little early cause I had work, said goodbye and went on my way.

I get pulled over, almost get arrested, but that's a story I'll tell in person when asked, so I don't repeat myself as often.

I get to work, it seems to be ok, then it happened... Around 4:30 AM, a whole site for a customer loses internet. Now, this customer is a multi-million dollar company, this 'site' I'm told is several buildings and ALL about production. We're talking a couple thousand dollars a minute they aren't up (I might be exaggerating a little, but not by much I promise you). So I get about 5 phone calls from each section of the site letting me know what I already knew thanks to our systems here. This is how my phone calls go..

Call 1: To our Central Operations Manager, he's in charge of the issues in regards of the customer and he must be informed of any critical issues. I leave a voicemail.
Call 2: A call to the ISP Level 3, who says they don't see anything wrong, but they'll open an investigation.
Call 3: A call to our Network on-call. He doesn't wake up, Left Voice mail.
Call 4: Received a call from the COM asking for what's going on, what's being done about it, and to make sure an Incident Report is created for further review.
Call 5: A call to L3 - They let me know they called Verizon since they own the line, it could be a routing issue.
Call 6: A call to the Network on-call. He picks up, I give him the run-down, he says he'll investigate the firewall and see if its something on our side.
Incident Report created..
Call 7: A call from L3, says Verizon doesn't see any issues either, but they are investigating still and still awaiting confirmation from them
Call 8: A call from the customer with the issue. During this phone call, the Network on-cal IMs me and asks me to trouble shoot with the customer so we can narrow down the issue because we strongly feel its a DNS issue. It's about 15-20 minutes of troubleshooting that gets us NO WHERE. I disconnect the call. The Network on-call tells me that he's passing this issue off to the 1st shift network guy so he can go back to bed. I catch the 1st shift on-call up and give him the ticket number.
Call 9: L3 again, no issues still found. I told him what we're doing over here to get it up and running as well, we both document our issues and both continue to investigate.
Call 10: It's the customers IT guy, giving us the rundown of what he can and cannot do. Every device appears up, but they can't access the internet, but can ping EVERYTHING, even outside the network. which, again, REALLY points to a DNS issue. But IP addresses don't work either.. UGH.
Finished up the Incident Report and e-mailed it to all necessary.

Throughout this process I do call the site to ask "Does it work?" cause everything on me end was saying it should be working. Unfortunately, It's at this time I need to get going, so for two hours just constant phone calls, documenting, and writing reports and e-mails. These nights remind me why they let us get paid for a week with watching movies, because when this stuff happens I need to know and document everything. I love nights like this. I always say that a fun job is a job I feel like I have an importance at.. Dish Network I was one in a million, a gold star, but just one of many waiting to replace me. Here, however, for those two hours, I was irreplaceable, I knew the issue better than anyone and I was the go-to guy for information.. Even though I wasn't one of the admins fixing the issue, I sure as hell felt like I played an important part getting it fixed.. It felt good. I left a little late that day to make sure everything was documented properly and so, if need be, a 1st shifter could help.

Friday I spent it with my sister for her birthday. I took her to dinner with my brothers Tylor and Dylan and their friend Ryan. During dinner my sister got a call from Jeremy wishing her a happy birthday, he asked for me and goes, "Alright, alright, though I'll never say this to your face, you are the better brother for taking her out to dinner." DAMN RIGHT =D. We eat and I get the people at Garcia's to sing to her and give her some ice cream. Later her, Ryan, and myself went to a hotel she had for the night and drank wine and beer and chilled in the jacuzzi and pool. It was fun getting to know Ryan (we hadn't spent much time with him prior) and hanging out with my sister. All in all very relaxing.

Saturday.. Wow, this is getting to be LONG. But what a week? RIGHT?! Annnnyway SATURDAY. Daniels birthday celebration! I treated him and Donna to a movie, Lynne, Isaac, and Mason showed up. We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I really enjoyed the movie, though a little disappointed as to how it ended. Then we went to Dave and Busters and met up with Kevin, Mario, Alicia and her boyfriend Elvis. We ate some good GOOD food, played some games (pictures on FB PEOPLE) and then Daniel got his chocolate cake with ice cream. Funny thing is, Daniel doesn't like chocolate.. So Kevin and I took it from him and ate most of it. Twas good.

We say goodbye to Alicia, Elvis, Lynne and Kevin as the rest of us headed off to the Casino. Daniel, Isaac, and I played roulette the entire time since we didn't have much cash. Mario lost the most playing both blackjack and roulette, and then Mason won the most. If you wanna know numbers you're gonna have to ask them. I ended up being down $8.75 at the end, but for three hours worth of entertainment? Cheaper than the movies.

After that we ended up hitting up Gus's pizza bistro, it was PACKED for 2:30AM, bars were closing, everyone was drunk and wanted food, and Gus's is 24 hours and really the only place open.. So, we get some food rather quickly, then take off to Isaac's and Mason's place and eat. We eat till about 5am (had to drop off Mario somewhere within that time frame. Donna receives a message on Facebook saying Kevin is up (only getting like, 4 hours of sleep since he had to ride back to Tucson) and so the group of us all texted him separately "good night". He appeared amused and replied with "good morning".

Sunday (Today), I slept till 1pm, then went and took Kelli out to Oregano's, for those who haven't been there, OMG delicious... Great price for LOTS of food. Then, Kelli surprised me with this cookie/ice cream platter that I had never had before, very delicious. At the end of the date she said that she wanted to pay since I paid last time and it was only fair. I accepted this logic and she went into her purse to find out she didn't have enough. =P She had left her card at home and only had enough to pay for half of it. I laughed both with and at her (she was embarrassed I think) and I paid for my half. At the end I walked her to her car and we kissed goodbye.

I headed to my dads and played Settlers of Catan with Dylan and Drake. Told them about my date. Drake won the game, first time for him too. Go him.

Around 8pm I drove off to Tilted Kilt with my buddy Mike, we are trying to make this a regular thing. It's karaoke night then. Mike likes to sing and he held me on my promise to sing this time around. I was really nervous going up there, but right before my huge debut, they started playing the Cupid shuffle. Now, for those who haven't been reading. I'm an expert. So I started dancing before everyone got up there. More people joined but my confidence was UP since I did a group thing first.

I chose "Friends in low places" by Garth Brooks. I told everyone there to help me sing the chorus before the song started, when it started to play everyone cheered!Everyone to sing the chorus with me (at least I believe so). It was a lot of fun. Some good food and great views and an awesome time, I shook Mikes hand and trotted off to work.

But it doesn't stop there... Tonight my boss comes in about an hour late with a fudge cake saying happy birthday. He did it a day early so my whole team could have cake with me. Very nice of him. My friend Becka posting on my wall trying to get everyone to text me Happy birthday whether they know my number or not.. Also a day early to give people a chance to read the post. Very devilshly sweet of her as well.

Now e-mail me telling me of your week! I wanna know!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our dark that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people don't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. Its not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsiously give other people the right to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
- Timo Cruz from Coach Carter

~Just a thought

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