Monday, August 8, 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything... I just wanna lay in my bed..

So.. Small hiatus from my blog it seems... It's not like I don't know WHAT to write, I just don't know how I am supposed to start it or which one to start first. Instead of continuing on who and what has made me ME through my life, here is another Musing from a Big Friendly Giant. This week has probably been the best week of this year. Sunday and Monday weren't anything special that I recall. More or less just preparing for what followed after. NOW please understand I work third shift, so sleep throughout the day is needed.

My great friend Brenda and I decided to have a late breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. We had planned for 11, so after work I head home and do some needfuls. Then I get my hat on and go. I get there just before 11. Brenda ended up running a little late (not her fault) and got there around noon if my memory suits me right. We had an absolute blast. I got lunch, a chicken sandwich off the healthy menu, and she got some type of breakfast.. An egg sammich I think. We talked about a lot of different things, caught up mostly. I got to learn about her schooling and her plans for her future, she admits that she just wishes she could wake up late every day and wake up to watching Saturday morning cartoons.. Which I think is genius.

I get home about 2:20 and lay down. I need to make sure I get up to work out with Jake. I text Jake if we can postpone workout till 6, he replies that that's fine. I pass out. I wake up at 6 on the dot, text Jake that I'm running late but on my way. I get my work out clothes on and head out the door. I get there and Jake is sittin waitin and we work out. HARD. Even though our workout is individual, we still find ways to push each other. He turns on P90X and we start the ab workout routine. It gets to the final workout and he turns to me wiping sweat off his brow, "We're doing this work out, ALL the way through!" And we did. It felt amazing. Admittedly, the host of the movie pushes you to do 10 more, which I couldn't do, but I did the initial 40.Afterwards we hung out until his girlfriend Janet got home and we grabbed Chipotle. Now, for those who are about to spam my e-mail and/or comments.. I don't count Chipotle fast food. It's restaurant to me, similar to subway. We eat and have a great time. Tired, I roll to work.Wednesday comes around, and I head home and get to bed about 9, I wake up at 11am, and pick my friend Marjie up for lunch at noon! We head to Garcia's. She had never been there before, much to my astonishment, and I help her order. She absolutely LOVED the tortilla soup she asked for. Later she posted a status on FB saying she's making more and hopes it tastes like the one she had. :p I had a build your own combo of a Shredded beef burrito, Cheese enchilada, and sour cream enchilada. I only ate the last two and put the burrito, rice, and beans into a to-go container. Another great time with another great friend who I hadn't seen since Christmas.

I head home, shower, shave (the needfuls), and then lay down and get about another 2 and a half hours of sleep, I wake up and meet my friend Tiffany (who is moving to South Korea!!) for dinner. Now, the thing about Tiffany, is that her choices of food is peculiar. The reason is because she is a vegetarian and the farther away you get from the US coast, the further you get from needing beef, pork, or chicken in every meal. She chooses a Vietnamese place that I show up to. The place she chose to go happened to be closed on Wednesday's and ONLY Wednesdays. So she decides for this Greek restaurant down the road. I drive us there and we go and order some food. As we order this girl is giving me a looky-loo. Made me feel special for a moment, only until I realize its an old friend from high school named Christina! We both knew who she was, she sat down with us waiting for our food, and then joined us when our food came out and we all had a great time catching up and apologizing for maybe (or maybe not) removing each other from Facebook. After all, we (Tiffany and I) hadn't spoken to Christina in a number of years. To all of our benefits, we all were still friends on facebook. That night it also rained, a LOT, and I got to play in it some. Twas a lot of fun. Then I head to work.

Thursday I am supposed to go jogging with Jake at 8am-9am, and then work out with Isaac around 2pm. Because of the rain the night before, the morning is a chilling 86 degrees outside. I keep telling myself all I need to do is get to Jake's, get to Jake's and jog, blood will circulate, I can DO this.. I ended up texting Jake and canceling, I was way too tired from the past events and lack of sleep. Jake understood.

I wake up ~1:30PM, get up quickly (because of my date with Isaac), and shower. I get my shorts on, shoes, backwards hat, the whole shabang, and text Isaac around 1:45pm. No response. I text again.. Nadda. So I get on my computer and waste the day mostly away.. Around 6pm, I get hungry, and wanting to salvage the day I start texting friends. 6:30 rolls around, I get a text from Isaac saying "Good morning." Naturally, I asked him what the heck happened, and I guess he just needed sleep, sleeping over 12 hours.

My buddy Aaron invites me out to Native New Yorker with my our buddy Joe and some girls Joe is bringin along. I chose to attend said event.I had a few beers, had some AMAZING calzone's, and one of the girls was beautiful! I talked to her for some time, we flirt, joke, laugh, Aaron pulls me aside saying that he KNOWS I'm better looking, but to PLEASE let him flirt with the girl and to me to back off. I didn't really notice I was doing anything out of the ordinary, but Aaron noticed it, and he wasn't pleased :p. See, I didn't really mention that there was Joe and Aaron, then Jess and Allison, then Aaron invited me. So I was kinda sorta stepping in his territory (metaphorically speaking.) Anyway, he played the friend card and so I stopped being talkative (there is more to the story that's none of MY business, let alone yours, so don't be mad at Aaron.) But it was SO much fun catching up and talking with Joe. Him and I used to be close at Dish and we walked around the building twice a day for about a year and a half just talking. GREAT seeing him again.

Friday, my friend Ace treated me to a date and took me to F1 Raceway factory. Go-Kart racing is a lot of fun for those who haven't tried it, though a lit-tle on the pricey side. We did two races, ~28 laps I think. I got my ass handed to me and got last both times I think, but had a ton of fun anyway. We were gonna go see a movie, but decided against it, we were both tired from the day.

That night, though, my sister invited me out to go get a beer and catch up. I chose to go of course, and we had a couple beers and had a good time looking at people, judging them (only a little) and learned the Cupid Shuffle!! For those who don't know the cupid shuffle, you should learn, its easy and fun to do. So we do the Cupid Shuffle, we had home and grab two beers from the fridge. She goes to the computer and turns on the Youtube video bound and determined to master this easy line dance. We do it repeatedly till we get it down. I turned in to sleep on the couch (since I had been drinking) at my dads shortly after.

Saturday my friend Becka was getting out of the hospital after a nasty fall. I drive up to Thunderbird Banner and visited her, she's groggy and still dizzy (from both her fall and meds). We hang out in her hospital room until her discharge papers are filed. The hospital asked me if I could chauffeur her out. Though I wasn't planning on staying long, I happily accept. I wheelchair her out to my car. She gets in. We start talking and she thanks me for my help and for her chocolate that I got her (instead of flowers in which she asked for.) She said she was really hungry and craving something unhealthy (she'd been at the hospital for a week) and her one rule was, was that it needed a drive thru. We settled on Burger King (I KNOW FAST FOOD!!) and I *did* cheat on my diet. She is weird, like the rest of the women population, and didn't want to eat alone. We eat at her apartment and pack some of her stuff up, during her full recovery process she's staying with her parents. Now, she's a girl who I had a fantastic time taking out on dates, and we got to talk about that, what we saw in each other and how we felt about each other. Even though I think she is good looking and she finds me attractive we settled on just being friends. We kinda figured that one of the reasons we had such a great first two dates was because it was like hanging out with a best friend. Though a part of me is a little sad, I think i would much rather be a friend to her too.

Saturday night I go and hanging out at my dad's again, sans beer, and chill with my brothers. We played the board game Settlers of Catan. Ladies and Gents, if you haven't played it before you NEED to play this game. It is a blast! It is the only game I know that has properly accomplished some type of expansion sets with their board game. Look it up, Swear to you, TONS of expansions. We currently have the base set, and Cities and Knights. We played one round of Cities and Knights (after getting a hang of the basic) and it felt like a full new game and it was Just as fun. Highly recommended.

Sunday (Today) I was supposed to go to a baseball game, which I turned down to needing sleep for work tonight. I kinda wish I went, but I was productive today and it felt good to do a little work around my desk and the dishes. Furthermore, I used more and more of my fruit, which I bought in basically bulk, that is now going bad. This evening my buddy Mike from OneNeck texted me inviting me out to Tilted Kilt. I went and had a great time listening to Karaoke and I ate a good sub. The best part, for me, is when the song for "Cupid Shuffle" came on and a bunch of people went up and started doing it. Being the expert I am now, went up there and strutted my stuff!

To put the Cherry on top of this full and lovable week, I got a compliment from a very attractive girl (Woman? Lady? She's 20) that boosted my Ego. Lastly, it is August, the month where god said the best of the best will be born. it's my best friend's Daniel's birthday today, my sister's on Friday, and mine next Tuesday. I have plans Thursday (Lunch with TONS of friends), Friday night (with my sister) and Saturday night (Daniel) of next week. Who wants to do something Wednesday?

EDIT: I have a dentist appointment Wednesday.. Tooth ache that needs to be stopped.

"The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind." - Dr Wayne W Dyer

~Just a thought

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  1. My august bday doesn't even get a mention? Guess I'm not one of the best of the best. It's ok. I see how it is ;)