Thursday, November 17, 2011

I can go the distance

So, if you read this post previously, I moved that over to my health and wellness blog here. To be honest it is just so I have an update there too.

I received a phone call the other day from a woman looking for computer help. A good friend of mine recommended her to me. It was a good feeling receiving that phone call. I haven't done computer work in a long while. I had a little bit after my birthday, but with moving and other aspects of my life taking priority, I just gave the computers back without looking at them. I should give him a buzz and see if they still need looked at.

I am excited to announce that I will be starting school sometime soon. Hopefully this year (2012) or next year, depending on if I can get my forms submitted correctly. The company TDS that acquired OneNeck (my work) gives a substantial amount of tuition reimbursement to employees who go to school. I was already looking, but it gave me the right motivation to hurry it up and submit the forms necessary.

To assist in my education, I started watching the CBTNuggets I have talked about in previous posts. They are corny and kinda boring, but they are very educational if you pay attention. I am glad I suffered through one and a half videos, because that means I know I can do it again on Sunday.

My long work day(s) that I had to do is done and done. It was interesting, though I was dead tired by the end of it. I got to meet a couple people who I have talked to multiple times in the past, but never met face to face. That was interesting. I always have this small fear that they won't like me upon first meet... After all, I am the dick who's always waking their ass up with problems in the night! But, so far, all have been friendly, and I am reminded that they know it is their job to get woken up, that is what being an on-call is. The one very interesting meet was a guy named Rob Rorke, who works through VPN off the east coast. He's worked for the company for 5 years and has only been at the Home office three times! Orientation, training, and this second orientation. Crazy! On a side note, I've woken his ass up too...

Tonight, after my CBTNugget, I watched The Warriors Way... Though it appeared to be a B movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of that movie. Even to the point I actually wrote a review with 5 stars. I thought it was excellent and recommend it to anyone. Be Warned, one of my favorite movies is The Watchmen. And I recommend that too.

~Just a thought
There is no substitute for winning, I posses the discipline and the will to make winning a reality." - Dish Network poster board.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

America, Jack, and Morgan.

I sit here at 1AM on a Saturday night, wanting to go to sleep, but can't, because I work Sunday night and I need to get back into 3rd shift mode. I am curious as to what this lack of sleep schedule does to my body....

Anyway, instead of writing, reviewing, and editing my words over a day or two, I think this one is going to be just a quick fun-doodle. So if there are any typo's or something that doesn't make MUCH sense, I don't care nor do I apologize. MOVING ON.

>I'm sober, just tired.

These two weeks have been fun ones. I got to go hang out with some old friends at DISH, drank beer and played some pool. They brought along other friends that we all hung out with. I guess Artie mentioned I know a lot of hot girls (which I do) and said I'd bring them (which he didn't, nor would I). Side note - he's met Becka, who is good looking and interesting to boot, and I texted him once saying that I was with a few girls who were looking for a party, so I guess he assumed I'd bring chicks??
Anyway, his friends give me a hard time about NOT asking my chick-friends to come hang out and it irked me pretty good. I am protective of my chick friends, sometimes overly so. To me, it seemed that they wanted me to play match maker and hook them up with a chick. The fact that they even gave me a hard time told me not to invite any. Fuck them.
I decided to mess with them a bit and showed them my texting list on my phone, which went, Brenda, Didi, Ashley, Kelli, Becka, Tiffany, Nicole, Vicky, and Hope. They asked me to invite them out, which I didn't and told them that my guy friends (referring to them) are pigs and I wouldn't want them around them. I said it in a joking fashion, but I meant it.
Bryan went out for a smoke, I went with him to get some fresh/smokey air and he asked if I saw him that way. I told him I didn't really, but the rest of them can shove it. He laughed and we went back inside. The rest of the night was alright, played pool, got my ass kicked. Bar hopped over to another and watched my new friends try to pick up this chick. It was rather amusing. She got onto her soapbox and talked about politics and the whole 99% bull that I don't really pay attention to. It was funny watching them pretend to pay attention and failing to be as smart as she was. I was hit on by this semi-decent looking girl. I thought about pursuing just for fun that night, but turned away, I just wasn't interested.

Nothing has really broken at work recently, which is good I guess, but keeps the days rather slow. Since I had so much time I wrote a 5 page document on security procedures during 3rd shift since we don't have any documented at this time. It was submitted to our Director for approval.

I cooked Chicken Alfredo this past week, twas delicious. I ended up inviting Didi and Ashley over to join me. They enjoyed it. They said that they will have to cook their enchilada's for me as a thank you. We hung out for a little longer after, but they went home and I readied for work.

Speaking of Ashley, her and I got to hang out one-on-one for the first time in... Well, probably forever. We've been friends since high school, but I dated Didi (her older sister for those who don't know them) so whenever Ashley and I would hang out, Didi was there too. Anyway, she needed a ride to a car dealership for a car, and so I gave her a ride and we looked at a few. She fell in love with the Colbolt they had there but at the end she declined. I gave her a ride to work the next day since she was sans car, and also picked her up. We went to Oregano's for dinner and it was YUMs. Also gave her a ride to Glendale the following day to look at a couple more, she declined their too.

During our dinner, I got a text from my friend Alicia inviting me out for drinks. I said I could go out, but couldn't drink due to working. We texted back and forth and settled on Thursday, I promised her that I'd order a beer, but nothing more, because I had to work that night as well. When Thursday came around, she texted me saying it was moved to Friday. Friday comes around and our friends who were supposed to come out declined, but her, her boyfriend Elvis, and their friend Russel joined us at a bar I can't remember the name of. I had two beers, and then they wanted to call it a night. So I drove home.

On the way home, Didi texted me asking if she could come over cause she had just had a fight with her roommate and needed space, I said sure, but I wasn't there yet. She ended up beating me there, and when I got there I opened up another beer, looking to get a little tipsy.. I play DD a lot with friends, which I don't mind at ALL, but I had an expectation to be drinking a little more than I ought to, and I was damn well gonna do it.

So I pour myself a rum and coke and open a beer (never do that btw, awful combination). I offered Didi a drink, she declined, but ended up doing shots with me. We got drunk and relaxed our night away. To be honest I don't remember parts of the night, so I think we over did it JUST a bit.. But the next morning I woke up groggy and I look over to Didi passed out too.

Tonight Ashley and Didi fulfilled their promise and brought over enchilada's along with their PS3 and rented two movies. We only ended up watching one, Limitless, and then they wanted to call it a night. I thought about going out, but ended up chilling at my house with my pups.

Those were the highlights of my weeks that I can recall... Lots of fun with friends. If I missed a moment, please let me know.
I'll end it with some of these: My sponsors! Not really, but people you should know.
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Damien Walter - That'd be pretty badass to do what he does.
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They are all Captains in my book.
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The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Friday, November 4, 2011

November Writings

There is but one escape,
And one seat less than
wanted on the craft.
I make sure she's strapped in.

She begs me not to leave her.
I assure her that I must.
Hoping to give comfort,
I tap just above her left breast and wink.

I hit the craft on its side
signaling the pilot to leave
I only watch for a minute
then turn around, thankful she is safe.

There is only a moment of silence
between the craft going away
And the shake of the earth.
They were coming.

The damsel was rescued,
And the town was saved.
The beast was slain,
And opression was purged

The heroes work is almost complete.
Death is what now awaits me.
For to give it all would be a gift.
And I go without fear.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My diet starts today.

I'll always be your shield,
No evil will pass beyond my reach.
Let my scrapes become scars,
And allow your soul to remain pure.

May your thoughts of me remain pleasant,
Despite my methods of protection.
Allow me to be the darker side,
And save you from the pain.

A hero's work is all I ask,
I have no need for fame or glory.
Allow my life to be forfeit,
Fore your life I truly cherish.

When it comes time for me
to rise to another plane.
I vow to take the darkness with me.
And make your heart unbruised.