Thursday, November 17, 2011

I can go the distance

So, if you read this post previously, I moved that over to my health and wellness blog here. To be honest it is just so I have an update there too.

I received a phone call the other day from a woman looking for computer help. A good friend of mine recommended her to me. It was a good feeling receiving that phone call. I haven't done computer work in a long while. I had a little bit after my birthday, but with moving and other aspects of my life taking priority, I just gave the computers back without looking at them. I should give him a buzz and see if they still need looked at.

I am excited to announce that I will be starting school sometime soon. Hopefully this year (2012) or next year, depending on if I can get my forms submitted correctly. The company TDS that acquired OneNeck (my work) gives a substantial amount of tuition reimbursement to employees who go to school. I was already looking, but it gave me the right motivation to hurry it up and submit the forms necessary.

To assist in my education, I started watching the CBTNuggets I have talked about in previous posts. They are corny and kinda boring, but they are very educational if you pay attention. I am glad I suffered through one and a half videos, because that means I know I can do it again on Sunday.

My long work day(s) that I had to do is done and done. It was interesting, though I was dead tired by the end of it. I got to meet a couple people who I have talked to multiple times in the past, but never met face to face. That was interesting. I always have this small fear that they won't like me upon first meet... After all, I am the dick who's always waking their ass up with problems in the night! But, so far, all have been friendly, and I am reminded that they know it is their job to get woken up, that is what being an on-call is. The one very interesting meet was a guy named Rob Rorke, who works through VPN off the east coast. He's worked for the company for 5 years and has only been at the Home office three times! Orientation, training, and this second orientation. Crazy! On a side note, I've woken his ass up too...

Tonight, after my CBTNugget, I watched The Warriors Way... Though it appeared to be a B movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of that movie. Even to the point I actually wrote a review with 5 stars. I thought it was excellent and recommend it to anyone. Be Warned, one of my favorite movies is The Watchmen. And I recommend that too.

~Just a thought
There is no substitute for winning, I posses the discipline and the will to make winning a reality." - Dish Network poster board.

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