Friday, November 4, 2011

November Writings

There is but one escape,
And one seat less than
wanted on the craft.
I make sure she's strapped in.

She begs me not to leave her.
I assure her that I must.
Hoping to give comfort,
I tap just above her left breast and wink.

I hit the craft on its side
signaling the pilot to leave
I only watch for a minute
then turn around, thankful she is safe.

There is only a moment of silence
between the craft going away
And the shake of the earth.
They were coming.

The damsel was rescued,
And the town was saved.
The beast was slain,
And opression was purged

The heroes work is almost complete.
Death is what now awaits me.
For to give it all would be a gift.
And I go without fear.

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