Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It starts.

I'm not sure how to begin this post... I clearly haven't posted in a long time. I have written quite a bit, but I feel they are too personal for anyone to understand. Furthermore, some are attacking other people. That I don't want to do.

So, 2011 has finished up. And as Isaac has said. Fuck you 2011, I won't miss you but I'll never forget you.

To make it brief and done with, my New Years Resolution are as follows, and are the same as every other person out there:
Eat better.
Lose weight.

I plan to start dieting again. Giving it another go around. For the past... month and a half, I haven't been going to the gym or dieting at ALL. "A way to save money" I tell myself. And, on the brighter side of things, I have been busy with the Tilted Kilt and spending time with some other friends. But, I am gonna cut off spending money on food there, as they are a restaurant and I am broke for the time being I can't afford that place. I am gonna try and cut back on soda intake to zero (I had three Cokes tonight, a Christmas gift) and then cut out fast food except for Soup and Roasted chicken from Subway, that's not too bad right?

Since I am no longer obligated to either Aaron or Jake, they have different routines now, I am going to try and go right after work. Not a lot of people are there, the machines will be open and it will be a nice, quick, workout. Get out of there in 30 min to an hour. I am also going to try and get a workout with a fitness trainer, which I have yet to do because I am lazy and bothered that they will try and sell me crap I don't need.

To go along with this diet and exercise plan, I plan on consuming more protein with shakes and whatnot to hopefully build more muscle mass, which in turn will burn the fat. I also plan on digesting more and more vitamins, to keep my body happy. I think my blood pressure is on the rise again, which I need to nip in the bud quickly. I'm not super super pumped like I usually am while writing this, so at least in my head it is a real goal I want to achieve.

Other... Things have transpired in my life recently that has kept me down secretly, but you will probably never know those unless something big happens.

Anyway, hopefully this will inspire me to be inspired to write more, but maybe not.

Till then, everyone have a great beginning to 2012, start it off right and maybe it will end right.
~Just a thought.

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