Monday, April 30, 2012

A mere month.

I promise that I hadn't planned on leaving my blog alone for a month, for those who enjoy reading my rants about my life, I sincerely apologize. The good news is I have stuff to share, along with another post I am going to write later and post in about a week or two I think. So everyone will have a more regular dose of Justathought this month of May.

SO - It's been a month. If you are curious, I had put my computer back together and had it up for a while because I was Skyping my friend in MN, when I noticed I was being lazy again about a week ago, I shut it off. It's still hooked UP, but shut down all the same.

Good news is is that despite being somewhat lazy on the computer I have yet to purchase fast food. I bought Subway once, some frozen yogurt, and Chipotle, none of which really count in my book. If you disagree, do so silently. I had soda with these purchases, but other than going out with friends, my soda and caffeine intake has been an all time low.

I have purchased a blender!! I don't think you understand how ecstatic I am about having this wonderful thing. I was walking around in Wal-mart with my friends Janet and Jake and we were looking for shot glasses and happened to pass by the blenders and the recommended me one. It looks like a smaller version than the one my friends Amy and Ray let me use, so I bought it.

MmmMmm GOOD.

I have only made a few shakes/smoothies so far, and it kinda bums me out I can still taste the whey protein with the fruit/veggies I threw in it, but for a protein shake it is DAMN good. If that is my only complaint, then trust me they are awesome shakes. At least in my opinion. I have been eating one every morning since I got it hooked up, which had been a few days after the purchase. The veggies and fruit in my fridge won't be spoiling anymore, that's for certain.

Going along with being healthier, I have been heading to the gym on a semi-regular basis, and my friend Amanda invited me camping with her and her friends and it was a blast. Amanda started a health kick kinda with me, she's been my semi-regular gym partner, and we definitely encourage each other to be healthier. She is also into hiking. And when I say hiking people, I mean some serious hiking business. She made me promise to go to the Grand Canyon to hike the 9.5mi hike in September... So say your goodbyes now, because that's the day I die.

Anyway, back on track here, she invited me to go camping. I went, knowing full and well that she had SOME type of hike planned. She didn't really, but that didn't stop her from finding one. Now people, she found one when we were in the middle of no where, with no cell phone signal, and no one else around but the six of us within a 5 mile radius. She found one, well, a walk anyway. We drive to this lake, and she just suggested we walk around. Thinking that it was rather a small lake, I accepted. People. I was wrong.
 4.5 MILES later I'm walking back up to my Charger thinking I just wanna pass out. But I needed to head into Winslow and buy a sweater. So I park nearby what looks to be a popular location (for Winslow) and get out and walk around... 2 MILES later I have a sweater and beanie. So 6.5 miles walked within about a 4 hour time frame. I know to some of you that isn't a HUGE deal, but for me, WHEW! Didn't know I had it in me. Without my friend Amanda pushing me to keep going around the damn forever-lake, I would have turned around before I reached three miles. But we did it and it was fun.

Time for recap...
My New Years Resolutions were:
Eat Better.
Lose Weight.

Well, Clearly I'm eating healthier now that my computer has been off. What hasn't been documented is that I am down like... 15lbs. I've been told not to really keep score, because the muscle mass I plan to build will weigh more in the long run, but it is slightly encouraging none the less. I've been to a thin 210 and a sexy 225 in high school, so that's kinda my goal. I started at 275 or a bit more. Last I checked, sans shoes, I was 260. I'll continue to keep you updated as time goes along.

Budgeting... Yeah, that's for... Later... In the New Year... Yeah....

So that's the update on my life, sticking to the guns, Being healthy and making smoothies. One day I'll have the body I want. And that day will be a good day.

Rocky Balboa: What's so crazy about standing toe to toe with someone saying "I am"?
Rocky Balboa (2006)