Monday, May 21, 2012

And so it begins...

The healthy me has battled the 21 year old me for quite some time now making the decision to give up beer and soda for a couple of months. I have doubts myself about completing this task, but at the same time I really, really want to lose this gut of mine. Honestly I think soda and the first month without beer will be somewhat easy, it's the second month, the month after a month of no beer with the guys that is gonna be difficult. But I've seen the lack of calorie intake with the dedication of working out can do to a guy. And that's what I plan to do.

Furthermore, I read an article from Lifehacker that offered tips on how to do daily tasks done (such as working out). One idea was to make a physical calendar about the task and marking it with a Big X every day you complete that particular task. You basically make it a game for yourself, an obligation not only to your task but to see how long you can keep your streak of X's going. And I think it'll work too after a little while, I mean if I get through the next two weeks without any beer or soda, and then working out every Mon, Wed, Fri at least, then I'll want to make sure to get that third week, and then the fourth, etc... I plan on posting weekly photos of the X's and potential failures that come along on Facebook, so people judging can be a motivator too. 

My slew of veggies and fruits have become routine and I'm mixing them up a bit now that I got the amounts corrected so it is a shake and not a yogurt. Unfortunately my mangoes went bad before I had the courage to slice and dice them into my new protein shake mix, but I plan to buy more later anyway. And, speaking of protein shake mix...

Here is my non-professional, but totally fair review of this new protein shake mix that I won in a drawing from my friend J-Boom. He is an advocate for Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake and had a presentation that I went to. Now, to get started in this wonderful review, I wanna talk about my buddy Jason "J-Boom" Legaard first. He's a good guy. A Mensch. He has a wonderful heart, takes love in the little things. He really tries to spread what the simple matter of thinking "I can" vs. "I can't" and what it can do for a person. He invited me and Mike Gulyas to a presentation on this new shake that he is in love with and is trying to help promote, At first I was skeptical, after all I already have a protein shake. I tell him beforehand that I'm not gonna buy it at least until my copious amount of protein supplement is gone. He says that's fine to just come and listen. 
Well, I do. And still I was skeptical. The main reason is because I've heard of companies like Vi-Skate before. It isn't in stores from what I recall, and Vi-Ship is only spread by people who both use it and want to sell it. One of those "You can make money by getting other people to sell it" kind of thing. And it's true, the way to make money in it is to not just sell the product, but to get other people to sell the product with you, who in turn want to get others... You get the picture. The only thing really GOOD about the whole idea behind it is that it is a health product. Something that actually benefits and supports health and losing weight and getting in shape. Which, you know, I'm a HUGE support for if you haven't noticed. It's kind of my thing.

(I guess it is also for people who want to get used to speaking in front of people who want their own business. I've never had that trouble of speaking in front of people though.)

So I go in and listen with LOTS of skepticism, again, I already have a protein shake mix that works for me. But I got a free sample and it tasted good. I listen to Jason and he talks about the shake and a bunch of it makes sense. He's lost weight with it while still remaining completely healthy and not doing any additional exercise. He hands out order forms in case I or the other people there want to purchase one of the four products, and even below you can sign up for the presentation package to have parties and get-togethers similar to J's.

Mike, who just started his physical fitness buys one of the orders and it's being shipped to him. I decline an order, and soon after we go into the drawing. It just so happens I won that drawing so I got a free bag of Vi-Slate-Nutritional Shake. So I tell Jason I'll give it a shot over my regular mix. The flavor of this one is a basic "Sweet Cream" over your basic Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. 

The next morning I get home from work, strut my stuff into the kitchen, and take out the Vi-Lake mix and my fruit, milk, and yogurt. I pour it all into my blender, blend, add some ice, and blend again. I take a drink... And it was delicious. You know that small complaint in my previous post about tasting my protein shake? Yeah, totally not a problem with this one. It just tastes... Well, good, like a nothing but fruit smoothie should taste like.

I read the label again to make sure, it has good vitamins and minerals needed, and continue reading and it has 26grams of protein per scoop. I check my other protein mix and it shows as 27grams. That confirms, to me, that it IS a protein shake mix. I licked my finger and dipped it into my new mix and tried it. Though the aftertaste of  "protein" is there it is far less significant. It still tastes good. This product convinced me by itself. I am SO happy I got this bag for free, because I would have continued with my regular protein batch. Which is tolerable. Not good.

If you are looking into nutritional diets, or increasing your protein intake, you gotta give this a shot. Just because, again, it tastes good and it IS good for you. I've had about 5 or 6 shakes with this mix and every single one of them is good. Tomorrow I think I am just gonna milk and shake mix and mix it with a spoon like I used to do before the blender and see how it goes. That I haven't done yet, but, I tried it plain off my finger and it is far better than my original mix for certain. Also remember I got just the bag. There are other nutritional supplements they also offer to go along with it. You'd have to ask J-Boom about that, but I know for a fact he'd be more than happy to talk to you about it. He loves the idea of health and nutrition as well.

It is a little on the pricey side somewhat, especially when you get into the bigger deals they got going on right now, but I'll be honest with you, after trying this bag I will probably go back and order a second bag from J-Boom if this continues to taste as good as it is. Flavor with nutritious results IS possible, and this is one of those proofs.
Thanks J-Boom, always keep in touch. I'll see you around at Karaoke. Akuna Matata.
Here is some of J-Booms information for you if you are interested. Again, he's just like me, only older, and is happy to chit chat about anything, and loves health and being healthy. If you plan on ordering anything from Vi-shake, contact Jason about it. He does profit from your orders and it's always good to help the little man out.

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Update: Tomorrow I am going to post the second part of 4 to my very short tale of Drave. If you haven't read it, it is here, or in February. I never got feedback, but I assume people read it, so I'll post part two for people's enjoyment.

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