Thursday, May 17, 2012

Promise fulfilled.

So, I'm fashionably late for my post, but I made it.
Unfortunately, it isn't gonna be the actual post I had planned on writing, because I have someone to add to my list of "Who made me" blog that is still a part of this blog. But this is another musing that I am doing instead. But don't worry, the next two to three weeks I have several (four) posts I plan to do.
.......... I completely forgot what I was going to write about. Swear to the holy. <- Why not talk about religion?

I am one of those hipsters who say they are spiritual but not religious.

I was raised in a Christian household and at the beginning of my life we went almost every Sunday. When we found a church we enjoyed, my siblings and I attended Sunday School. My brother Jeremy was baptized, and later my sister and myself were baptized by our favorite pastor named Aaron at that church. Eventually we stopped going. Why? I really dunno, I was a kid at the time, but I can only guess it is because of my and my siblings bickering and complaining about losing two and a half hours of our weekend. We bickered a lot.
(I remembered what I was going to write up above^, but let's keep going with this.) So we stopped going around age 13.

When I was fourteen, my parents divorced. With my very strong household shaken so suddenly, I turned to something, the Bible. I remember talking to my pastor named Jeremy Mustard and he didn't really know how to respond to "Where do I begin?" when I asked him. He told me the New Testament, so I started, and I read it like a book. Just page after page. I took it with me places that had a waiting room and just read. I'm sure I got looks, but I didn't care. I can honestly say I have read most of the Bible. Mostly New Testament, and then my favorite stories of the Old Testament (The stories of Noah, Job, Moses, etc) I must have skipped a few of the books in the New Testament, I know I've read Revelations, but I think I would remember finishing the entire New Testament entirely.... I'm getting off track.
--I switched Bibles at one point from a plain "Holy Bible" that you find in Hotels to my Student Bible. It had an index of topics to read about. So I looked up every section of divorce and read that too. It comforted me in having knowledge of it and I took in comfort from God and Christianity. I asked my dad more than once for rides to churches that I was trying out, went to camp with one after just two days of being reacquainted there, met Austin, Corbin, and Jordan, all of whom I no longer speak to unfortunately. Eventually I found one with a friend Aleah who's father was the minister. Joined that Sunday School too. I brought many friends and went every Sunday and Wednesday night. This was all between the ages of 14-16, before my license. So what happened you ask? Well, to be completely honest with you, I was kind of tired of always putting God first and giving him all of the credit... Sounds selfish right? I mean I definitely turned to him when I needed, and the whole religion and religious experience help me through turmoil... But to this day I think that is what he, God, wants.

----Before continuing, I have tried to make this as neutral as possible, so if I offend anyone, I am very sorry. Any debated comments will be read but ignored. Thank you.

I personally think God isn't Sexist, Racist, or Prejudice  in any way. He loves us the way the Bible describes, as his children. If you want a different perspective, look at the way you look at animals, all of them are beautiful and unique.
That being said, I don't think religion matters. I don't think God cares if you call him God, or Allah, or YAHWEH, Shiva, or any other who may have some type of religious deity that doesn't have to do with human sacrifice or pain.
I think that if you are a good person, and love people the way he does, he couldn't deny you into heaven. Why would he?
Let me give you two men.  They work hard, pray every day, love their wives and children, treats themselves well and treats people around them with respect. One is Islam, one is Christian.
What makes one better than the other? Do you really think God cares about one more than the other? Accept one into heaven while denying the other? I certainly don't.
Time to make it slightly more interesting...
 Let me give you two men.  They work hard, pray every day, treats themselves well and treats people around them with respect. One has a husband and one has a wife. I still don't think that God cares about one over the other. I still can't believe an all knowing, all forgiving, all loving being would deny the homosexual over the hetero. And no, I don't care what your Bible or Koran say. If they bash being gay or lesbian, than they are wrong. <Funny thing, BTW, they say very, VERY similar things in the books. If your Christian, read the Koran, if you are Muslim, read the Bible, and then be friends.>

I love people. I love the interaction, the rational decision versus the irrational emotion. I love brainstorming, I like how best friends become twins, and how strangers fall in love. I love the eyes. You can see right into someone's soul and learn all about their feelings in an instant when you look in the eyes. Least I can, I dunno about you.

I would never abandon someone based off their age, sex, sexual orientation, disfigurement, religion or what they think about me. And I don't think God would either.
It's what they do that matters. What they do in the world. Whether their spirit is of good or evil.
I could be wrong and I am fine with it if I am. But People are worth fighting for and I will forever fight for good people, so long as they are worth defending.
If the Christian religion is right, and judgement day comes and all of the Christians disappear into heaven, I will be happy to dine with the Muslims.
If Islam is the right way to go, and everyone praying to Mecca, with the women wearing their hijabs get sent off to the Pearly Gates to be greeted by Allah then I'll be more than happy to sit and dine with the Christians.

And yes, it'll be worth it, for all eternity.

~Just a thought.

To err is human - but it feels divine. - Mae West

It is because humanity has never known where it was going that it has been able to find its way. - Oscar Wilde

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank

The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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