Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And it continues...

It has been 30 days to the day since I started the "No beer, no soda" 60-day challenge. And I gotta be honest, it's been a thrill, for more than one reason. But, let's get to the nitty gritty of this first.

First off, I gotta pass his name again, Jason "JBoom" Legaard, for inspiring me to do this. He has his 90-day challenge with his health shakes that he promotes, and I always like to make things tougher on myself, which made me choose this health challenge. I have implemented a health shake for a meal, just like he suggested, and it lets me be healthy full for a few hours.

For those who don't keep tabs on me on Facebook, here is what my calendar looks like after a month.

 The Sunday was a soda, the rest are gym related. Being lazy. But, as I am sure you noticed though, My weight within a two and a half weeks time went from ~265lbs to 256lbs. It could be more, as my 265 was always an estimate, but the point is 256lbs... I haven't been that light in... Well... A few years. As my calendar as proof, it really lit a fire inside of me to continue. Those next two weeks of working out and dietary habits were a breeze. I never, ever, suggest looking at the numbers, as it isn't my weight, but shirt size that matters... But my god was it a positive influence to see. 

I remember my buddy Jake not believing I weighed 279lbs one night after we had Thanksgiving in the beginning of December, 2011. He brought out his scale and I stood on it, no jacket, shoes, or items in my pockets. Sure enough, 279lbs. He owed me a dollar. I never wanted to see a scale tell me that again.

This is my habits of food thus far ----
 My "Morning" (4pm) consists of blueberries, a couple strawberries, banana, ice, and milk, with Vi-Shake nutritional shake mix all blended together and a cup of 100% not concentrated Apple Juice. Take vitamins. Drink shake while on the computer doing my normal morning routine of FB, Gmail, Youtube, and Lifehacker. That is my breakfast.

"Lunch" (10pm-midnight) is whatever I had leftover at home, or some type of homemade meal I made. I didn't restrict myself too heavily on this, but the key was to make it at home, not heat up, make it. The food ranged from tacos, Chicken Alfredo, Spaghetti, or bean and cheese burritos. I have chicken enchilada's waiting at my dads too, which was made by the wonderful Carol and my darling sister Tiffany. The only exception to this rule was leftovers from restaurants. The reason? It's a much smaller portions normally (being leftovers) and the food I order could not be made in a frier.

Dinner (5:30am-8am) is normally something really light, as I head to bed shortly after. Lately it has been unsalted Cashews and some cherries and cranberries, just something to put me in the mood to snooze.

My falters during this month.
-I've had fast food once for lunch, it was Sonic.
-I had a Jack and Coke with my cousin who was on leave for the military.
-I haven't been to the actual LA Fitness Gym in a few weeks, home workouts only.

Time for the fun news. This whole experience has really enlightened the way I feel about certain things. Just changing a few things in my life that I loved, the beer and soda, has really strengthened me to not eat fast food, to cut back on my portions, to drink more healthy liquids and really keep an eye on myself. Even when it came to the mixed drinks I order on the rare occasion I drank. It was "cranberry juice and vodka" and nothing else. I kept it simple so I know what my intake is. I told myself at the beginning, if I am gonna do this, I need to do it full force. And so far, I really felt that I have. I like having this self-accomplishment I got going on.

Second, I really owe my friends and family for their full support in this endeavor. They have really helped me keep myself in check. Sarah and Kelli always encourage me to work out, and have taken it upon themselves to hold me to it. My sister, brothers, and my good friend Mike G are always making sure I don't have beer.
 And with all this being said... My challenge was to not have any beer or soda for 60 days. That was it. Everything else in my normal lifestyle wasn't supposed to change. But my family and friends have really stepped up there game to make sure my choices outside of soda and beer stay healthy as well.

Mike told our server to get me a salad at the Tilted Kilt instead of the Bacon cheeseburger I was trying to order. Chelsie (our server and friend of ours) brought out the salad.

Alicia was eating a Kitkat and offered me some and then pulled it away, saying "Oh wait, you're on your diet" And I told her my challenge did not involve Kitkat bars and I want one, but she refused! "Nope, you don't get one." and popped the last piece in her mouth.

My sister and Carol made the chicken enchiladas, and Tiffany was nice enough to put some aside specifically for me to take to work, knowing that it fit well into my challenge.

Thank you again to everyone who I did and did not mention. I'd lie if I said it was easy... But I'd be lying even more if I said it was hard. It would be difficult if all of you didn't help me out. Just another 30 days to go... It'll be July 19th when I finish this up... No Excuses.

Just FYI, I love reading comments, and haven't had any as of late... So comment below! You don't need to sign up, just name and e-mail I think. Easy Schmeezy.

~Just a thought.
“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.
Even longer,' Pooh answered.”

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh