Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One year anniversary.

I realized this evening that it has been over a year since I started this blog. 36 posts, 1809 page views from myself and others. And according to Blogger I have a fan in Alaska.

I get a lot of compliments from my posts from different people. And when I don't post I will get a complaint from someone random who I didn't think would read it. So it is always refreshing to know my 'musings are enjoyed. Thank you.

This particular post is gonna be a pretty big one I think. Be prepared to read.

Start off with the fun stuff.

As I am sure most of you know, the siblings, my hats, and myself made a trip to San Diego, California this past week. Man alive it was really so close to perfect. The only complaint I had at the beginning of the trip was the streets / traffic, but I got used to it. The only complaint that I have upon leaving is that no one with a California license plate can park properly. Everyone parks crooked.

Spent most of the time at the beach, and despite the cool temperatures and overcast weather, Dylan, Tiffany and I all got sunburned. The four of us jumped through waves and even just stared out at the ocean. The never ending ocean is just a site to see. It is almost enlightening to understand that at the other end of the ocean is Asia.

Coincidentally my friend Megan and her friend (...Shelby?) headed to San Diego on the same weekend. Her and I met up and took a few pictures on the beach. It was awesome.

During the trip and as we were leaving, I told the group that I was planning on moving to San Diego. I was on a nice temperature, beautiful green view and  ocean front property high. But being back in Arizona and coming off that high I still really, really want to move back. Now I've been told it is expensive, which is true, and I've been reminded that I won't know anyone there, which is also true. There isn't an impossibility in those setbacks though. There are one or two Universities there which could easily host a variety of support and computer related jobs. And, though my friends won't be there in person, I will make new friends, and thanks to the wonderful internet, friends are much closer than they appear. And, let's face it, I would only be six hours away from my hometown. I am giving myself a year to get my finances and act together to get set for this move. I want my gut to be gone, and these different bills to be taken care of. My credit card expense is growing, and I owe the IRS some money that really needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later. These are musts before I move to a place where the bills will be higher and I can walk on a beach every other day.

Now this is the plan, but not set in stone. There are many different roads that could happen. I have decided that if I end up getting a good promotion at my job, giving me a reason to stay, then I'll stay. There are other instances, of course, falling in love, family emergency, wars break out in SD, I dunno. All seem rather unlikely to me, but possible.

But, if I am going to be honest, and I always am, San Diego hasn't captured my heart fully yet. A big piece still, of course, resides in AZ, and another actually resides in Minnesota. Why Minnesota? Well, I promise you there is a legitimate reason, but only certain people get to know. I will tell you, though, that I have considered moving up north in that direction, get the cool, but humid summers, with an actual monsoon season and then snow during the winter. I could get to liking having four actual seasons. If I am to move there though, I do give the same requirements before moving -  gut and bills.

Transition over to working out. Tomorrow is my last soda/beer free day, and I am more excited than I should be for it to be over. I really think I can stay away from soda from here on out with ease, however, I miss beer. One thing about this experience though is the ability to say no. One experience in particular was going out dancing with my friends Amanda and Jo at Toby Keith's. Despite what I wanted to drink (and could have ordered), the three of us just drank water all night instead of alcohol. It was actually very refreshing. I feel that I danced well, learned a few new moves, didn't spend a bunch of money, and danced with these two pretty ladies.
I did a similar thing when hanging out with my friend Brenda, I had one drink, and then water for the evening. It was nice, and including the guy's cover charge, not an expensive night out.

My workouts have lessened in recent times, I worked out pretty well in San Diego, and we walked for miles on the beach and stores and the pier, but coming back I haven't really gotten back into the groove. The reason is that I want to change my workouts some by adding more cardio, but I haven't figured out how I want to implement it. Walking Linux and Joey may be the solution, but I fear for their paws on the sidewalks and streets, or even hikes if I took them with me. The ground can get HOT. The gym is another option, biking and treadmill, but those, to me, get boring very fast without a partner to talk to, and I currently don't have one. I do plan on a few more hikes though; I really enjoy the views they offer, so if you are interested in setting up a time to go, hit me up.

My smoothies are back in full swing, but I have slipped a few times in the fast food department. I had a few meals planned out for the week, but I left the food that I was given by my friend Stephy in the car and had to throw it out. I'm sure she would give me more if I had asked (pulled BBQ pork), but I am a little embarrassed by losing the nice portion she had given me.
I plan to boil some chicken and make some healthy chicken tacos with Spinach and bell peppers this week, so it will get rid of my constant Mexican food craving.

 Lastly, I have received numerous compliments on my looks and weight loss in the past week or two and thank you for the compliments, they are encouraging. It does sometimes get really difficult, especially when it feels like it is being done for nothing. But when people are around you supporting you, it gets easier. I've been told once you've find that nook and make it a habit, it becomes like an every day thing. Well, that hasn't happened yet, nor has it ever happened for me. It is always a forceful task, an interruption of my computer/sleep time to do some working out. But I still do it, and can still do it. My goal is always ever so nearer.

By the way, quick question, anyone count calories before? I've been thinking about doing it for a week or so just to see how I stack up on my diet. One thing California has on every restaurant menu is the estimated amount of calorie intake, which I think should be mandatory for every state. It really help me choose one over the other. a 1100 calorie burger rather than a 600 calorie skillet. Both still incredibly high in calories, but the 500 difference is a difference. So, if you have, or have an app that makes it easy for me, let me know!

That's pretty much my life in a nutshell. I had dinner with my friends Victoria and Corey Leatherman. They came in from California on their way to Florida, and stopped and had dinner with me and their friends John and Lisa. It was really good seeing them. Corey actually found Victoria online while he was in the military. From what I know of the story, he just messaged her on Facebook telling her how beautiful she was. She was flattered, and they started talking. They are now some of the happiest people I've seen married. They aren't perfect, but perfect for each other. It's good to follow the phrase "Stranger Danger" when you are a kid, but when you grow up, sometimes you gotta give it a chance.I told this to my friend, she says they should write a book about it, because it does seem really romantic, and if you knew some of their stories like I do, you'd definitely agree. I don't completely understand why they are so fond of me, but the feeling is mutual, they are awesome.

Thanks again for the constant encouragements for everything my friends and family do for me. Thank you for reading my posts and if you feel that my stories on here could help someone, definitely spread the word, or have the said people message me directly. If you know me, the one thing I can't get enough of is more friends.

~Just a thought.

Carpe Diem.

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