Monday, August 20, 2012

Challenge Accepted.

First off, being a lefty while writing on a marker board is a pain in the butt. But here it is.

This one will be set up a bit differently, I am going to write down what I work out that particular day. If for some reason the day is blank, that means I didn't do anything that day, which isn't good if that happens more than one day in between two work outs.

I think I am also going to have a weigh-in every two weeks, Just to track, since that is kinda my goal now. As I have said before, I really don't like tracking weight as progress, because if I start building muscle, I am going to get heavy. BUT, my gut holds more weight than it should, and I've been 235lbs at my height/build before, so I think this'll work Ok.

Today was my dad's birthday today, he turned 50, so, if you could go to his facebook page (Paul Hoffman) from mine and wish him a good one I would appreciate it. You have till the 24th, but he checks his Facebook more often than he'll admit, and I'm sure he'd appreciate you posting/messaging him wishing him a good one. He is really the best father I could ever hope for. Back to me!

While at the birthday celebration I talked to Eric, Carol's son. Now, folks, he's crazy in shape, so I take his advice to heart. He tells me no bread/pasta as they are extra carbs, and the shake I make, which includes banana, should be a post-workout instead of a pre, because of the way the body will work with that good carb intake from the banana... Now, this is a big change for me. I like sandwiches, pasta, tortilla's and the like. That stuff is delicious. I tell him I am eating Whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta, he shakes his head at me and says that doesn't make it any better, if I want to lose my gut, I should cut it out. And I should eat rice if I am so craving it. He says to buy a rice cooker, and make rice, with chicken and broccoli often (or other veggies, but broccoli is what I got in my freezer). It saddens me to say, but I will probably be giving my whole loaf of bread away and finish off my first loaf with my lean turkey and spinach sandwiches, and give up bread and most of pasta for a while. I watched this clip on how to eat healthy (portion sizes mostly), and the amount of pasta I have been eating compared to what I should be is incredibly high, so I need to cut back as it is. But once a week a small thing of pasta with veggies won't hurt. As for my smoothy? It isn't a great deal of stress, just drinking it before rather than after is fine.

Though I technically start today (Monday), Amanda and I went and worked out today (Sunday) after my dads birthday celebration, it was kinda intense.
Her and I are new-ish friends and we're still getting to know each other, but my goodness she's in shape. Well, "there's room for approval" as she puts it, but her start of a workout is running a 10-min mile. I'll be honest, I was trying to be the impressive one and keep up... That did not work folks. I was huffin and puffin, but I ran far more than I usually do. she definitely pushed me by just being there. Then we did a series of leg work outs on a few machines that I don't normally use, I was able to give a little advice on how to get a good workout on it if she isn't feeling the ache, and I think she appreciated it, either way, we did our leg work outs and it was good. Then we proceeded to abs and I made her do push-ups. It was a lot of fun and through out sweaty-ness we hugged and plan on working out upper body tomorrow (Monday), though I think we might need to separate it out a bit, chest/arms/ back are a lot to work out in a day, but we'll see. It was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to doing it again.

Sounds like she had a good time to eh?

I am going to definitely try to balance it out and run with Jake in the morning as well. If Amanda and I continue to have success in going to the gym (which is truly half the battle, just getting there) then I will probably stop doing at home workouts by myself.

As for Jason and I, it is still kinda up in the air, if he has the strength to do it on his own, I'll probably let him go do that and handle his challenges on his own, but the past few times we've picked a time, neither of us could, I don't think our schedules mesh up right. What I am thinking about doing is going with him a few times to see what his outside workouts are about. If it is something I can adopt to my crazy schedule, then I will, but currently it really sounds like Amanda and Jake are pulling through for me, so I am going to pull through for them.
I have no ill feelings towards Jason at all, again I just don't think our schedules mesh well together. Opposite working schedules to begin with, ya know? Hopefully, it can be a once a week thing; maybe we'll find time to do a few solid work outs a month, a good way to keep tabs on each other.

Now, I know that after reading this, some of you are thinking, "you are doing too much" or "just get rid of one of them" and I'm telling you I am not going to.

If I am working hard, then I am happy. And I refuse to turn away someone who is trying to better there life. It is too important to be healthy just to turn someone away who may need me for that motivation. I have worked too hard and failed too many times to just let someone go if they are asking for help. Plus, if you think this is bad, just wait till I start hiking with Linux... My pup needs his exercise too.

That's about it for me for now. Starting the challenge, starting a new work out partner, and getting rid of one of my favorite foods for a while, pasta.

What have you been up to? Let me know!

~Just a thought.

It is not good enough to be good if you have the ability to be better - Albert Lee Cox.

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