Monday, September 24, 2012

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, Taco Bell, and a Beard.

This, whole, getting to 235lbs thing is difficult. So much so, that my goal has been upped to 245lbs instead of the initial 235lbs. The last week I worked out heavily my weight didn't adjust much. I am gonna happily think that I have plateaued for the moment, and my body found its mid-ground currently of fat/muscle ratio. Least that is what I tell myself. I need to remind myself that it isn't about the weight loss as much as it is fat loss. But if I am truly honest, it is because of my new damn beard.

Two weeks in

After a month

I can't stand my beard! It catches food when I don't want it to, it makes it feel like there is something constantly on my face, and overall just itchy. But it is a constant reminder that more gym is needed. It is the very promise I made myself before starting this challenge. I need to keep this until the work is done. With the 245, I only have five pounds to go. It is possible.

With my last challenge, I had this fear I was bothering people with my weekly updates of the calendar, so I lengthened the update process on Facebook to the time my calendar filled up, just a little over a month by about a week. Here it is:

Now it isn't bad, I am kinda proud of it. Every single time you see text in a box it is me working out. The only exception from that is the CLOSED on Monday, Labor day, Amanda and I went at our usual time and they had closed early. I marked it to remind myself that I truly tried.
Now, you can't tell really from this picture, but I worked out with Amanda, Jake, and Kristi, all who are big helpers in helping me get in shape. I organized them via color on the board, so I could keep track of what I was doing with who. I kinda quit on Jake with the running towards the end, just cause I wanted to focus on strength training and endurance such as hiking. I am gonna ask about joining him again in about a week or so, least for one run, just to hang out and see how things are going.

The last week is blank. I didn't work out at all. Sad, I know. On Sunday I woke up with strep throat, one of my tonsils was a good size, I'd say to a golf ball size, but that is exaggerating a little bit. I spent the better half of that week recovering. Then the last part of that week I took a mini vacation with my friend Kristi and we went to Tucson to see STOMP. We stayed the night so we weren't in a rush, despite living in Phoenix for many years she had never been to Tucson, so we drove around some and visited some places, it was fun and relaxing. I cheated on my diet quite a bit, with sweets and other foods I shouldn't be eating. Eating out mostly. I refrained from pasta though, which is a HUGE craving for me right now... Oregano's Pizza Bistro is something I purposely avoid driving near. It's like 1200 a meal with nothing but pasta and meat in a bread bowl... Not good for you, but Oh so delicious.

As I erase this month and a bit and start the second half of this challenge, I have adopted a new work out partner Monica. She made a post on Facebook saying she needed one, and after finding out she subscribes to LA Fitness, I couldn't wait to sign the dotted line as her workout partner. Hopefully I'll teach her some stuff and she'll teach me some stuff. Her boyfriend works out often and knows his shizz, so I'm hoping what he's taught her and what I can teach her mesh well.

As of right now, this is how my workouts should fall if I were to do them all in one week without fail.
Sun- Morning: Run w/ Jake
         Evening: Workout w/ Amanda
Mon- Evening: Workout w/ Amanda
Tue-  Morning: Hike w/ Kristi
         Evening: Workout w/ Monica
Wed- Evening: Workout w/ Amanda
Thu- Morning: Hike w/ Kristi
        Evening: Workout w/ Monica
Fri- Evening: Workout w/ Amanda
Sat- Morning: Run w/ Jake, Hike w/ Kristi
        Evening: Workout w/ Amanda

As my buddy Jason likes to say, BOOM! That is my schedule. Seven days a week. Now, I know I have a few concerned individuals out there who think this is a bad idea. And I appreciate the concern. But please know that my body, and your body, can handle the physical stress I have above. They are only a half hour to an hour at a time. That leaves 12 - 23 hours of recovery time. Furthermore, I do not workout every single muscle in my body every single workout. I switch between legs, back, chest, and arms. It won't be a perfect routine of things, but it will sort itself out. I take the appropriate protein shakes and vitamins to help speed the recovery along. I will also start taking certain supplements too, as soon as I find the time to find the right ones to help in my progress. And, despite all my best efforts, through my fault or not, the weeks have never gone through perfect. Life happens.

That's the biggest thing I learned about health and working out, and I guess it could be applied to life in general. Don't schedule the time, make the time. I think with school and work and doctor appointments and children's plays, we are too used to scheduling. You must adopt a different thinking to working out... I really want to get into it more, but I think that is gonna be my post next time. The "What I have learned, and you should learn too" about working out/getting in shape/healthy lifestyle more and more people seem to want to do. It isn't an easy habit to adopt. I still really struggle with it at times. And I say that tonight, at my desk, munching on a Taco Bell double-decker taco. Ugh, grease tastes so awfully good. Yup, throwing this half away now.

So... That's about it for now. I wish I had more to say, but alas, I do not. Tomorrow I am going to post part three from the Drave - Demon hunter series. It is part three of four. I hope you've enjoyed them. Please tell me if you have or haven't. I take constructive criticism and compliments well. About twenty to twenty-five people read my posts when I post them, and a few more the day after. I only hear from about one or two at a time. :)  When you are silent I assume you enjoy my writing and couldn't care less if it changes, which I hope is true. But keep in mind I like hearing people enjoy my blog. Warms my heart, fills my ego, and everything similar. It is always nice to brighten someones day.

~Just a thought

“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself.”Sara Henderson

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