Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And a Happy New Year!

And so it begins the new year of 2013. The Mayans were wrong and the world didn't end. And I guess that means some New Year Resolutions. How did you do on your last New Year Resolutions? Good I hope, but if not, just start cracking the whip now! I had a friend post that she doesn't make New Year Resolutions because she doesn't want to fail and that made me sad and kind of upset at the same time. She is a fantastic person with a ton of potential, she has overcome quite a bit in her life and I can't imagine just choosing not to find ways to at least TRY and better yourself. Even if you fail, at least you said you tried... But I digress.

Resolutions! yes... Another quick side note actually - Resolution means both "determination" and "to resolve". I have the resolution to see through to the resolution of my resolutions... Least that is my resolution. =P I made myself giggle.

Resolutions! Yes. along with the few that are the same, I have decided to make a few more resolutions for this year. Let me break it down list-style.
I am actually hoping for some type of "pack" on my stomach and less of a "keg" if you catch my drift. I've been told that requires quite a bit of cardio, which I'm not looking forward to. But hey, I gotta do what I gotta do!
Health (Food)
-Try Juicing
-Eliminate soda from my diet altogether.
-Eliminate alcohol from my diet except in certain situations.

In conjunction with the above two, I am going to look into getting something in the direction of nutrition. I want to learn more about it and with the encouragement of my friends, girlfriend, and family, I have decided that going back to school is a necessity and will be done in 2013.

Work to be happy
That sounds like a funny resolution, but that is the best way to put it in my mind. Overall, I am a happy person, but I get lazy because I'm comfortable. I am comfortable with my job, I honestly work very little and it pays well, but it is not challenging. I am comfortable with my current weight, I want it to be better but overall I am in the best shape I've been in near 3 years.When I worked on A Literature Circle (which is still in progress btw) it was the hardest, most difficult thing I had done. I wanted it to look good and the editing was a bitch. But when I was done with it I was happy, satisfied. When I couldn't upload it to Youtube, I was mad. I felt that my hard work basically didn't pay off. It will, once I get it situated and break it up. But I haven't gone back to it because it isn't a comfortable seat to sit in. 2013 it will be something. Kristi and I have tickets for Vidcon in August and we will be there and we will have something to show for it for sure.
Speaking of A Literature Circle. I'm not sure if I ever talked about it much, but Kristi and I have big plans for not only that, but another wide variations of "Circles." Something I adopted before realizing that G+ uses it similarly... But I'll deal with that later.
Here are a few ideas we have bounced back and forth. I have a few others I haven't really discussed with her, but they are more down the road. All of these Circles (and yes, again, I know, G+ did it first) will be comprised under one conglomerate as "Three Point One Four". I think it is terribly clever.
Here they are below:
A Literature Circle Our very own webcast bookclub, two videos have been done, but they aren't yet uploaded... Here soon I promise!
A Cooking Circle  Learning how to cook healthy on a budget. Healthy is the key. It isn't impossible and it will taste better than greasy food. This particular Circle will probably get its own post in a few weeks, but this one is the one I am most excited about. There are a few celebrity inspirations and a few regular people who I know that would enjoy learning how to cook healthy while it fitting into a budget.
A Gamers Circle This one is obvious. Nothin' but games. Video, board, card, tabletop, you name it. I think this one will be fun if I can get my brothers on board a little bit more. I even think I'll do just a podcast to talk about games themselves.
A Writers Circle I've thought of a few ways I could go about this one. I want to discuss, recommend, edit and otherwise talk about writing. Professional and Amateur, Scripts and Stories. But the other thing I think I'd like to do is actually get some actors and other people to participate in short clips and videos. I think that would be hilarious to do. I actually have one in mind, but it isn't mine, so I am waiting to see if I can use it. But that part will come later I'm sure.
I have one more in mind, but I'll keep it in the dark for now just because I am not sure how to do it and make it humorous quite yet.

So that is about that... I think, I don't really have much else to write right now. I am just aiming to be happier than I was last year and the year before that.