Sunday, January 19, 2014

The scratch of an itch.

I continue to stare at my screen, watching Youtube videos but wanting to write. I just cannot find the drive to be creative at 5AM. Since my partners and I started heading to Paradise Bakery every Sunday afternoon, the need to write while at work has died down a bit.  But this project has become an itch that I just cannot scratch. I absolutely love writing, I just love it. Creating a world, creating the scenario, the problem, the creative solution, the cliffhanger, it is just a drug. I am as much as in love with my characters as I was when creating them.

That being said, tonight, I was reading through some of my old work and it really hit me. Almost every piece of fantasy setting that I have written has lead me up to this project. I unknowingly was writing this series I am currently making. The scenarios differed slightly, but the similarities were astounding to me when I reread them. And it made me happy. It kind of feels like it has always been there, ready to be brought to light. And now it is, slowly but surely.

Even though I cannot share with you my actual story just yet, I would like to show you what I read that almost seemed to correlate with what will eventually happen in my story. The one that brought me joy tonight. It is rough, unpolished, and unedited. I thought about dashing it up to make it a better read, but I have decided to appreciate the rough version better. I fixed one grammatical mistake, but that was it. So again, be gentle with the judging as it is unpolished, but this was probably the very first step into the light that is my project. This was created probably in 2011 when I did not regularly practice, and even still two of the characters in this story made it to what is now my animated series. I hope you enjoy this super sneak peak.
Jaraq walked off his ship as his soldiers around him took the supplies off and set up camp. He walked around this little shore, feeling the sand crunch under his boots. It had been fourteen years since he set foot on these familiar shores. He looked ahead toward the path on the hill and noticed a familiar giant standing on top. General Veraf. Once he was noticed, the general made his way down the slope. Jaraq’s personal guard placed their hands on their hilts, but Jaraq stepped forward, “I hope you are not all that is left to fight Veraf.”

Veraf put his hands up above his waist, “I come in peace prince, for lack of a better word.” And extended a hand.

Jaraq accepted, “How is my father’s finest general? And how is his lands?”

“The land is well and ready for a new harvest. Though rumor has it the heir has returned to take the crown after the kings passing. It has split troop’s loyalty. Between the third son and the first. You look well prince.”

“As do you.” Jaraq replied. Though fourteen years had passed, Veraf looked like the man Jaraq remembered when he was seven. His hair was graying on the sides, and wrinkles of wisdom and war were seen more clearly on his face, but other than those two features he looked the same, “And where does the General stand on this rumor?”

“If the heir has returned to claim his place, then I’ll see to it that he has the army to do so.”

Veraf looked beyond Jaraq and noticed three more ships on the horizon, “And it looks like you have Jaraq, son of King Strivian IV. And who do they hail from?”

“From my friends and allies who wish to see me king. It was their convincing that brought me here. Not my own pride. They are led by Captain Tria from Carsonis and Commander Karthos from Copperhold.”

Upon hearing their names, Tria and Karthos approached from the shore, “And,” Jaraq continued, “My brother, Strivian V”. Strivian walked off the boat upon hearing his name called. He froze for just a second, seeing the stranger with his father’s crest on his chest, Jaraq motioned him down, “He will be a prince when I am king, as he should have been when we were exiled.”

Veraf shook Strivian’s good hand and looked toward the other, “That arm still lame?”

“Always will be.” Strivian said.

Veraf nodded. He looked toward Jaraq once more, “I have a gift.” Veraf said. He released a belt on his chest and reached behind him. The General took out king’s sword and presented it toward the prince, “Flash this sword in front of the Crimson men and they will follow you into battle. Jaraq took it and placed the belt around his waist. “General, you have an army to lead if you are fit.”

Veraf stood and nodded, looking at his new allies, “So it is then. The six people who choose to hold the balance of the world. Jaraq the Heir, Tria the Captain, Karthos the Commander, Strivian the Brother, and Veraf the General.” Veraf smiled, “Are you ready to shape history?  

So that's it. I appreciate you reading, and I am happy to be back at the blog. I haven't written here since... Oct 2013, yep, that sounds right, that's when the project really took off for me. I appear to have been bragging a bit. No one responded to my written offers, but that's OK. No harm no foul.

Writing is my passion. What is yours? What is your passion?

"A lot of guys just don't want to lift those weights, a lot of the guys just don't wanna do it. But you know what? Your blessing in life is when you find the torture you are comfortable with ... That goes with Marriage, it's kids, it's work, it's exercise, not eating the foods you want to eat. Comedy is a torture I love."
- Jerry Seinfeld