Saturday, July 12, 2014

18 hours to go.

I am a big Youtuber.
I am a fan of Youtube, I am a fan of the communities, and I am an active member is several of the communities. I don't think I've ever made "top comment", but I know I've gotten really close. I have never "trolled" (gah I hate that word) but I've been tempted. I am subscribed to several members in which I have learned when they post and I even liked one of the videos so much that I redid it on my own. Mine isn't better by any stretch, but I loved that video and I have watched it at least twice since I redid it.
That being said, I spend a lot of time on Youtube. It is the only real video streamer service that works enough at work (Netflix and Hulu drag a LOT), and when I run out of my funny videos to watch, I try to find videos that capture my attention. That is how I found the vlog brothers, TED Talks, Vi Hart and other many many videos.

I consider it my bible of sorts. Not of religious purposes, but of community and inspiration and self-recognition. It helped me in many different ways, nothing real dramatic, and none of which I'll spell out here.

But I wanted to bring that up because not only did a series of YT videos help me realize my fears, a completely separate video got rid of some of those fears indefinitely.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Kristi helped me realize that my ideas that I had had were building up because I wasn't actually doing them. The reason being I didn't like not being good at it. I was constantly getting frustrated because I don't like learning and failing.

Now, the actual video is below; but the message he sends out is fairly basic.
"Take 20 hours of your life to learn something."
Now that is a pretty simple request. It is very reasonable. It's a part-time job for one week. Or an hour a day for 20 days. Split it up how you want, but 20 hours focused on anything and you will be good at it. Not an expert, but good. The key, the video tells me, isn't about being perfect, it's about knowing how to do it. Just try and work and learn for 20 hours, and you will be knowledgeable on how to do it, whatever it may be. That goes with video editing, musical instruments, learning a language, sports, video games.

20 hours of video recording is going to be a chore. 20 hours of editing is going to be a pain. But after 20 hours, it won't be a hassle then. I'll have the ability I need. It'll be easy.

 I am not afraid to learn anymore. I am 24. I am only 24. I have the internet at my fingertips and more tutorials are not available to everyone than ever before. You can learn, literally, whatever you want. And I want to learn video. I want to learn cuts and takes and angles and be a Youtuber.

Join me, will you?

~Just a thought.