Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Myth of Greatness

My title bothers me on a personal level. It bothers me because I took it from a Youtube video from vlogbrothers. It bothers me because I don't really have a subject on the matter other than myself. And lastly, it bothers me because it goes against one of my favorite quotes I made up, and it forces me to admit that I'm not great.
Gah, Ok, that sucks, I don't like typing that. I've always told myself, that I've worked too hard to not be great at what I want to be. I could be great at many things, but I'm not yet. Ok, this is sounding like a different rant I did before, where I talked about how I was lazy. That has been written and read. That is boring. Let's try something else... let's start with a new title...

The Myth of Youtube Greatness. 

Dammit... let's try one more time...


Yes, that's a good place to hide away from my fears and doubts. Yeah.

So, where to begin since you've last heard of my project? Hrmm.

I had written two seasons, and was about to start on the third. Well that has changed. I brought Kristi on as my editor (which she has chosen as her career, which is AWESOME for her) and she ripped holes through my story so quick, my story was nearly naked.  
I have since rewritten four of the episodes, whilst needing to write a new 5th, because the former 5th and now 6th episode just doesn't fit without something in there. By now the 2nd part of the story will need to be completely rewritten, because of how good the 1st one is.

The villain was introduced in a really dumb way before, and is now introduced well and works her way into the unfolding story smoothly. Her intentions and side is clearly mapped out, which it wasn't previously. 
The character Ryne has finally been written the way she should be, and is no longer introduced in a quirky, random way... Ugh, Kristi and I have argued about Caridisia and the Stories of Cir more often than actual relationship-y stuff. But we have finally managed a way to communicate without me getting huffy.
Anyway, I know the ^above doesn't make much sense, since you can't read it, but believe me, Kristi has improved the crap out of the story. Anyway, onto "Stories of Cir" which does come with a few spoilers about the world itself.

Here is the 4th draft of the world:
The Wold of Cir - 970

The Year and actual map is not yet confirmed, but it's my favorite so far (this is the only artwork I do, I promise). But this is the planet Cir. My animated story (thus far) revolves around the highlighted regions below:

So, as you can see, there are several parts of the world that is left, well, unattended. Now, I'm not sure if you know this, but I got a lot of stories under my belt, and many more wanting to be released. My idea is to write them into comics or web comics, and have them be released online, sharing the same timeline my animated show is on.

Even going beyond that, it would be a nice way to introduce and create a character through the comic, who ends up being involved in the show.This is something happening way later down the line, but something I'd like to share with my friends and family who read my blog. These are plans for making it a successful show. 

On the same map, here are some stories I've very roughly come up with...

They are all rough stories, not much meat in them yet, but they are ideas, and I really think they can open the world while still being in the same universe. 

... I have since lost my train of thought, as work and other matters have come up. I'll leave it as it is for now.

Couple side notes - I'm finally writing and recording stuff for Fit For a Hero. It has changed a bit, but I really like the outcome.

If there are any map makers who'd like to draw my map a bit better, I'd love for you to message me and lemme know!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou