Friday, January 2, 2015

The Reaction.

Happy New Year everyone!

Least I hope it was happy. Way better than previous Years I've had.

So... I don't know why, but I felt obligated to write before the new year, set some new year resolutions. Like I do every year. Except I didn't do it last year (January of 2014)... My first post was in late January, and I didn't talk about resolutions at all.

Anyway, I have a few resolutions, which now I feel that I should keep to myself. I don't know why. I think it is cause it's a bit more personal, and you wouldn't care because it is boring. "Do more office work" sounds like a really horrible resolution, quite the opposite of most people's "take time to smell the roses" But that's what it is. There. I told you. Are you happy? Also to write more...

Moving on.

It is story time! Title related.

Kristi, Mike, and I were doing our usual Sunday get-together and we started with lunch. Kristi was sick of Paradise Bakery food, so we walked a little ways down to Pita Jungle. On the way, Mike and I were discussing superheroes, and how there aren't that many original powers left. I came up with a person who can basically mimic another persons ability, or can absorb the blow and deal it back in the same manner. (To be quite honest, I thought this was unique as far as unique goes. But Final Fantasy uses "Blue Magic" which is similar, and there are several heroes like Sebastian Shaw who have that exact power.) I thought it would be a fun hero and I was made fun of. Even told our waiter about him, and he asked his name... So I said, "The Reaction!" More laughter ensued (all in good fun, I assure you) and at the end of the meal as he gave us our checks, he said he hopes to see it in a comic book some day. I don't know why, but that stuck with me. Made me feel good. I think I took it a little more to heart because I am trying to accomplish getting a story and comic book going. Shortly thereafter, we were at Paradise, writing, yelling, and arguing are way to finishing Cardisia again.

That was early December. Fast forward to Christmas, Kristi got me an Xbox One and got me set up with an account and everything. And the password had to do with The Reaction hero. It warmed my heart as it was something I said off the wall and in jest, but it was clearly memorable enough to make sure it was included. "It was something that was you." I think she said.

And even two weeks after, it pops up now and again. I'm starting to like him. I think he would be a great hero in one of my Hero stories. 

As I said above, one of my serious goals and resolutions is to write more, specifically, write more at home. I have an office I rarely use, but the past few times I've been in there I've enjoyed opening my blinds and writing, or talking to people online. I've decided that along with my weekly Paradise get together, I will start setting a schedule for myself to write at home. Make sure Kristi has writings to edit when Sunday comes around. 

Lastly, this wasn't mentioned above. I had wanted to start my Fit For a Hero recordings back in November. I sorta did... But didn't have any intro's and I haven't really liked what I've recorded thus far. I've watched a lot of Wheezy Waiter videos, and even a few of his jogging... And I liked them. They weren't perfect, they sounded just like my jogging video, and I enjoyed watching it. Which made me realize that I only dislike it because I am the one in the video. SO, that being said, I am going to start it. This month. No reason not to. I have EVERYTHING I need. No time like the present. Got to start. NOW.

The secret to creativity is not even a real secret. ... It is Don't Expect to like what you're making. About 70% of what I make, I don't even like. - Wheezy Waiter "The Secret to Creativity"