Saturday, February 28, 2015

Surprising number of Dreams

(If you're looking for the short story I wrote, it is in the post below this one, that's right, you got a two-fer)

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that it is rather ridiculous to come up with a title before the story. The story itself is normally created, before a witty title can be placed on it. Welp, I chose to make the title, and, hindsight being what it is, it is probably going to be irrelevant to the post. 

Kristi and I talked a lot the past few days on realistic goals for ourselves. We are in a wonderful place right now where money isn't tight, that we haven't bitten off more than we can chew yet like everyone (including myself) does. We have the ability to save money, and we are going to try our hardest to do so. We talked about Cardisia, outlining some realistic things that we'll have to do for it, sacrifices we may need to make in order to make it a success, and goals that need to be accomplished before we take it to the next level. It was all very serious talk that I didn't enjoy (because I'm an immature brat), but when we got to talking, it was exciting I have that wonderful dream of "some day" and then suddenly it's like, "not some day, but rather soon"  I apologize that this is vague, I wish I could elaborate and not bore you with business-y related things, but I assure you, you would be bored.

Moving along... 

I thought I had a lot of stuff to say until I started writing. I honestly don't. I mean,.. I have a story that is odd for some, but I found it rather clever.

So, I am a big fan of Roosterteeth, They have a social Media platform that only works well enough, and random people can comment here and there. I've started a few discussions, made some enemies, had a few arguments, made some friends. It's a weird platform where they don't allow you to give too much information away, which I personally like.

That being said, there is this person on there, who wrote a simple comment saying, "Someone tell me a story." that was four days prior to me seeing it, but no one had commented her back.
So I replied, "What kind of story?"
A day later she wrote to me, "Any kind of story."
It was at that point, ladies and gentlemen, where I cracked my knuckles, stretched the fingers, and prepared to write the novella of a lifetime! Only I didn't. That's a lie, I simply read over one of my short stories that I've written, about a page and a half, copied and pasted it. It is about three Lords of their house who choose not to bow to the new king, thus resulting in their inevitable death.  I don't write their death, because a cliff hanger is the best part, it allows the reader to think of the different possibilities, and to want more. This is the ending quote from of of my three heroes, “I don’t think you understand us Commander,” Rowan looked at his comrades to his left and right, “We have chosen to accept death over life in service to your new King and we also decided to bring as many men who serve him to the afterlife with us. The next move is yours.”

And I left it at that. I thought at the very least, she'll have something to read. Maybe she'll enjoy it, Maybe give her something to thing about, let her pick her own ending.  And... She did pick her own ending. To my unsuspecting surprise She wrote roughly a page of the battle that my three heroes had. Where the arrows soared, the swords clashed, and the blood spilled. And then, she left it on a cliffhanger. It's crazy weird how I thought nothing of it, it was practice to me, but she then went ahead and thought it was worthy enough of another page and a half. Is it weird to feel... honored? Not to mention, I feel an obligation to continue the story with this stranger, who has decided to continue my unfinished story, cause she left it at a cliffhanger as well. It is just a strange compliment. A way to say, "I would like more." by contributing some yourself. 

Thinking about it some more, I had this feeling similarly to the beginning of Cardisia, When the Artists of my group delivered more artwork and edits than I thought possible. I enjoy this feeling. 

Now... About Cardisia you ask.

There are no serious updates on it, except that I have reworked the story from the ground up so it 10 times better with Kristi editing it. But something strange has happened to me in the past 24 hours, in which I was trying to say above (with all the vagueness) that I couldn't quite figure out until I started organizing my thoughts through writing this.

Cardisia is no longer just a dream. It is no longer "just a project." It is work. It is my second Job. It is the internship of a job of a lifetime. It is a struggle to deal with the issues at hand, it is a struggle to focus and not just be "the writer" of a fun project. I hate the work needed to be put into it sometimes.... Hates a strong word. But dislike. I dislike the work I need to put into it sometimes. But I still do. I am not the writer, but the creator. Do we need something sketched? I suck at drawing, but I can promise you I've drawn 10 images recently. Traced several others to sharpen them up (the originals were quite small). Every time an artist needs help with how to show something on a comic-panel platform, I'm sketching it up as best I can, and sending it on its way with a script, idea, and character outlines. I am constantly in need of more of me to do what I need to do. But deep down I love it. I won't let it go. It's soon, my friends. Very soon.

"So one vote to leave, and one to stay." Rowan sighed. "What should we do?" - Ending of the end of a story of three heroes. 

A hero's journey.

It doesn’t seem so long ago, the six of us standing there, enjoying each other’s company, the calm before the storm. Even Johan and Treven got along that day, remember? And when the storm reached us, when Vyell and his darkness stood at our doorstep, we fought as one. It wasn’t a battle of desperation anymore to us, we wanted to be there, we were happy. We were the six warriors of light who kept the shadow back. It was our honor. And finally, when the sun could be seen through the clouds the next day, we won. Even through the victory, Vyell’s pact of power kept him alive and a threat. He would remain immortal for the century his contact gave him. The King of Kalem had a way for us to succeed. A way to hide one of the warriors of light from time and space until they were needed. To hold ourselves in place as the rest of the world turned for one hundred years. The six of us looked at each other in disbelief before tears were shed. After everything we sacrificed, everything we gave up to go on this ridiculous journey and beat all the odds against us, we were asked to sacrifice one of us to battle alone while the rest of us lived out our lives. You volunteered first.
                Johan and Treven argued with you before turning on each other like they always did. Then Tiffy argued on my behalf. Kat slapped you and then hugged you, knowing she couldn’t change your mind. She was always OK with your tough decisions, she saw you as our leader from the very beginning. We all did. You were the one to pull us through, and you had made the decision easier for everyone. Everyone except me. You know your decision would change my life forever. It was the saddest I had ever been.
                We had plans, you and I. Fenix the mighty, and Faye the adorable. That is what you called us. I was a warrior through and through, yet you called me adorable. Kat had Johan, Tiffy had Treven, and I had you. You had promised me a happy life. You said we would wander together until we grew old, and then buy a small castle with all of our earnings. We would be a Lord and Lady, have servants, and seamstresses and little pets and… You broke that promise. You sacrificed our love for the good of the world and I hated it. You were being a hero and I hated it.
                I tried to convince myself you were just doing it for the glory, that you were being selfish. But, deep down, I knew you were being as selfless as anyone could be. It was a decision you made quickly, but not easily. I heard you cry that night in the woods, the day before the ceremony was to take place, do you remember? You wept alone, away from everyone, to keep yourself looking strong. And it is now I know why. Because your weeping lead me to where I am now.
                I am sorry for what I did. It was irrational and stupid and dumb, but I stand by it. You see, without you, I had nothing left. I had no happily ever after, no storybook ending. And that’s what heroes end up with at the end, don’t they? That’s why the hero chooses to fight and no one else does, because they have nothing to lose. They choose because everyone else can’t make that tough decision.
I hope you ended up forgiving me Fen. I hope you found another pretty girl, wandered the lands, became a Lord, and treated your servants well. I hope you lived out your days while I slept. I hope you were a hero even to the smallest town. I promise you I will be. I will be Faye the adorable, even in this future I have woken up to. Vyell will feel your strength through me. Everyone will. I promise.

-Faye, the Adorable Warrior of Light