Saturday, February 28, 2015

A hero's journey.

It doesn’t seem so long ago, the six of us standing there, enjoying each other’s company, the calm before the storm. Even Johan and Treven got along that day, remember? And when the storm reached us, when Vyell and his darkness stood at our doorstep, we fought as one. It wasn’t a battle of desperation anymore to us, we wanted to be there, we were happy. We were the six warriors of light who kept the shadow back. It was our honor. And finally, when the sun could be seen through the clouds the next day, we won. Even through the victory, Vyell’s pact of power kept him alive and a threat. He would remain immortal for the century his contact gave him. The King of Kalem had a way for us to succeed. A way to hide one of the warriors of light from time and space until they were needed. To hold ourselves in place as the rest of the world turned for one hundred years. The six of us looked at each other in disbelief before tears were shed. After everything we sacrificed, everything we gave up to go on this ridiculous journey and beat all the odds against us, we were asked to sacrifice one of us to battle alone while the rest of us lived out our lives. You volunteered first.
                Johan and Treven argued with you before turning on each other like they always did. Then Tiffy argued on my behalf. Kat slapped you and then hugged you, knowing she couldn’t change your mind. She was always OK with your tough decisions, she saw you as our leader from the very beginning. We all did. You were the one to pull us through, and you had made the decision easier for everyone. Everyone except me. You know your decision would change my life forever. It was the saddest I had ever been.
                We had plans, you and I. Fenix the mighty, and Faye the adorable. That is what you called us. I was a warrior through and through, yet you called me adorable. Kat had Johan, Tiffy had Treven, and I had you. You had promised me a happy life. You said we would wander together until we grew old, and then buy a small castle with all of our earnings. We would be a Lord and Lady, have servants, and seamstresses and little pets and… You broke that promise. You sacrificed our love for the good of the world and I hated it. You were being a hero and I hated it.
                I tried to convince myself you were just doing it for the glory, that you were being selfish. But, deep down, I knew you were being as selfless as anyone could be. It was a decision you made quickly, but not easily. I heard you cry that night in the woods, the day before the ceremony was to take place, do you remember? You wept alone, away from everyone, to keep yourself looking strong. And it is now I know why. Because your weeping lead me to where I am now.
                I am sorry for what I did. It was irrational and stupid and dumb, but I stand by it. You see, without you, I had nothing left. I had no happily ever after, no storybook ending. And that’s what heroes end up with at the end, don’t they? That’s why the hero chooses to fight and no one else does, because they have nothing to lose. They choose because everyone else can’t make that tough decision.
I hope you ended up forgiving me Fen. I hope you found another pretty girl, wandered the lands, became a Lord, and treated your servants well. I hope you lived out your days while I slept. I hope you were a hero even to the smallest town. I promise you I will be. I will be Faye the adorable, even in this future I have woken up to. Vyell will feel your strength through me. Everyone will. I promise.

-Faye, the Adorable Warrior of Light

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